3 Ways to Ensure the Safety of Your Customers This Winter

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3 Ways to Ensure the Safety of Your Customers This Winter

Winter is officially here. With the onset of winter, you get to endure blistering cold winds, snow, sleet, ice and an assortment of whatever else mother nature decides to throw your way. With that being said, you want to make sure your customers are able to get into and out of your business safely. The last thing you want is for one of your customers to end up hurting themselves on something that could have been avoided in the first place. To help you along the way, here are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of your customers this winter.

Shovel the Sidewalks

One of the things that you have to think about are the sidewalks where customers walk before entering into your establishment. No customer wants to try and wade through a foot of snow to get in the front door. This is especially true when you are dealing with an older individual or someone with children. There is no need to make the process even more difficult than it has to be. By shoveling the sidewalks, you can provide your customers with a clear path into your business.

Plow the Parking Lot and Entrance

Customers need to be able to see where the lines are when parking their vehicles. That means you need to have the parking lot and entrance plowed out every time a few inches of snow falls. If customers aren’t able to see where they should be parking, you could end up with people parking all over the place and hitting into one another when entering and exiting their vehicles. They could also park farther out than they should, rendering it dangerous for someone who is trying to enter or exit the parking lot.

Plowing the parking lot also prevents your customers from having to try and plow through the snow with their shopping cart loaded with purchases. Pushing a cart through the snow is difficult when you are young and healthy. Think about older individuals or those with little ones trying to juggle everything at once.

De-Ice the Sidewalks

Beyond having the sidewalks shoveled, you also want to eliminate the ice from them. You can do this by putting down a product that melts the ice and keeps the sidewalks safe for anyone coming to your establishment. During the winter months, you are going to have to do this quite frequently to minimize the ice build-up and prevent it from spiraling out of control.

We understand that not everyone has the time or the patience to handle all of this on their own, which is why we are here to help you deal with the winter months the best we can. Our snowplowing services can help provide you with the tools you need to ensure the safety of your patrons and all you to focus on other facets of your business. Contact us to go over the different packages and pricing options we have available by going online to atlanticsweeping.com today to contact one of our representatives.