Street Sweeping

Highway and Municipal Sweeping

Keeping storm drains clear from debris is an important part of highway and municipal/street sweeping. It prevents storm water run-off, reduces the likelihood of floods, keeps you compliant with EPA regulations and reduces the need for repairs. It also keeps neighborhoods clean and local residents happy.

Large Modern Maintained Fleet

Our fleet means that you don’t have to maintain and insure your own. This includes:

  • Immediate availability: We cater to sudden increases in demand and scale back when needed
  • Cost reduction: You don’t have to train, fuel and budget for unknown cost
  • No Risk management: Our employees operate according to best practices
  • Immediate infrastructure: Our fleet is maintained by expert mechanics
  • Variety: We place the right equipment mix, mechanical broom and regenerative air sweepers, that best fit the application

Compliant, Comprehensive Cleaning

Weekly cleaning by our fleet ensures that you stay compliant with particulate regulations. Other benefits include:

  • Better maintained roadways
  • Pavements are kept clear from sand and abrasive particles
  • Reduced hazardous debris on the roadways to motorist

The result: A happier neighborhood, cleaner streets and a safer working environment. That’s peace of mind!

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