Milling Sweeping

Reliable & Experienced Milling Sweeping

Stay on schedule with our paving & milling sweeping services. Our Certified Sweeper Operators have years of experience knowing how to keep up with the milling machines, keeping your project grinding ahead. We show up on time and ready to sweep when you need it. GPS & Drive Cameras for safety and accountability in every vehicle. Available digital Work Tickets with GPS time stamped verifications and the ability to accept digital signatures. Fleet of XBroom Sweepers that have the most advanced technology in the sweeping industry with a 5 cubic yard hopper, variable dust control water pressure and auto leveling brooms.

Large Modern Maintained Fleet

Our fleet means that you don’t have to maintain and insure your own. This includes:

  • Reliability: The largest heavy duty fleet in our market with back up sweepers ready to be dispatched.
  • Efficiency: 5 cubic yard hoppers result in more time sweeping, less time dumping.
  • Immediate availability: We cater to sudden increases in demand and scale back when needed.
  • Cost reduction: You don’t have to train, fuel and budget for unknown costs.
  • No risk management: Certified Sweeper Operators that operate according to best practices.
  • Immediate infrastructure: Our fleet is maintained by expert mechanics.
  • Modern Fleet: Our Fleet of XBroom Mechanical Broom Sweepers are brand new.
  • Versatility: We place the correct heavy duty equipment mix, mechanical broom and regenerative air sweepers with low ground dump or 12 ft high dump capabilities, that best fit the project.

Plan Ahead with Atlantic Sweeping

Plan ahead for a great price on our sweeping services. Our fleet is the largest in the DC Metro area, ensuring
maximum redundancy. We can accurately track our sweepers via GPS devices. Our promise includes:

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