Fall is Coming Into Focus: Fall Sweeping and Leaf Sweeping

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Fall is Coming Into Focus: Fall Sweeping and Leaf Sweeping

A single yellow leaf fallen onto uneven rocky ground

As the days grow a little shorter, school starts back, and a few leaves hit the ground, Fall is coming into focus. This time of year holds nostalgia for many and busy schedules for all! But have you adjusted your sweeping schedule yet? HOA presidents, property owners and managers, and municipality planners alike will all want to pay attention here. As Fall comes into focus, you need to focus on fall sweeping and leaf sweeping.

Focus on Your Neighborhood

Leaves building up in piles in the cul-de-sacs look inviting. Yet, you may not realize what all may be hiding in those leaves. If you fail to employ regular parking lot sweeping for your HOA, those leaf piles may become dangerous. Large sticks, broken glass, and other debris can hide in the leaves. Unsuspecting children or pedestrians may find themselves stepping on the debris and dealing with an injury. Atlantic’s sweeping team can clear leaves regularly keeping your neighborhood streets clean and safe.

Focus on Your Property

Property owners and managers alike will want to pay special attention to their pavement this time of year. Soon, single leaves that are falling one-by-one will be accompanied by a swarm of heavy autumn leaves. Leaves trap debris, oil, and water against your pavement, wearing it down more quickly. The solution? Atlantic will provide you with additional parking lot sweeps during the autumn months. We can help you assess the frequency of your need. The number of trees and traffic near your lot will impact the number of sweeps you need. Contact us today for our professional assessment and quote.

Focus on Your Municipality

If you play a role in managing your town, city, or municipality, you know how busy Autumn can be! Fall festivals, football tailgating, and more fill your streets with not just leaves, but debris. More debris than usual will clutter the edges and corners of your streets. So, you need more sweeping than normal! Up your sweeping game as Fall comes into focus with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. We can add sweeps before and after your street festivals. Our team can show up a couple extra times during the heaviest leaf season. We can even adjust your sweeping schedule mid-season if you realize you underestimated your need.

Focus on Scheduling

Whether you are responsible for sweeping your neighborhood, your property, or your municipality, we know it is tough! Scheduling these extra sweeps can be a handful. You need to work around noise ordinances, shopping schedules, rush hour, and special events. Depending on the volume of your need, you may even need debris hand-picked during events or high-shopping times. Fortunately for you, you are not alone! Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning has a team of pros waiting to help. We will schedule your cleanings to meet your needs without disrupting your patrons or neighbors in your HOA. Sound too good to be true? Give us a call and find out! We promise you will not be disappointed. Fall is coming into focus. Bring your fall sweeping and leaf sweeping into focus with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning.