Falling for an Extra Sweep

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Falling for an Extra Sweep

colorful autumn leaves on the ground covered in droplets of dew

As we welcomed the start of Autumn yesterday, you probably have many things you are planning to enjoy. Football, apples, pumpkins, family, & community gatherings, and more flood your mind. Regarding your property, however, how is your Fall planning going? We are not talking pumpkin spice and everything nice here. No, we are here to remind you to tend to those Autumn leaves!  The leaves that will litter your property may be pretty for a time. Yet, timely leaf removal is an essential part of Fall property care. Trust us, in a month or so your property is going to be “falling” for an extra sweep! Let’s talk about why and when you need those sweeps!

Sweep for Curb Appeal

Recently, we addressed the curb appeal of your business. Curb appeal must be maintained year-round, especially in Autumn as you approach the busiest retail season. You may be right on track with your general pavement maintenance plan; however, fallen leaves diminish curb appeal. They are beautiful and even sought-after for their beauty on the tree. But, fallen leaves become a soggy, uunsightly mess quickly. Fail to remove leaves from your property in the fall, and patrons may assume you don’t care or aren’t even open. They will choose to shop somewhere else, and your tenants will have every reason to be upset. All that work for curb appeal: down the drain.

Sweep Up Hidden Debris

An extra sweep will stretch your Fall budget a bit. We get that. So, you may be pushing back, hoping to avoid these sweeps. We highly recommend you don’t do that. You see, it is not just the leaves that will clutter up your parking lots and other paved areas; hidden under those leaves is likely debris. Debris can damage vehicles, injure patrons, and hinder the environment. Regular parking lot and street sweeping prevents these issues in two ways: 

1.     Removing debris before leaves cover it

2.     Removing leaves quickly before they have a chance to gather

Believe it or not, leaves (like any surface) can collect chemicals and small pollutants! These are damaging to the environment but invisible to the naked eye. Let us gather and remove them for you before they enter the storm water drains. 

Sweep When?

So, do we have you “falling” for an extra sweep? If so, the next question you may have is likely: “when or how often do I need extra sweeps?” The best answer is “it depends.” We know, that’s frustrating. A quick answer would be convenient, but it would not be best. We service the entire D.C. Metro, Virginia, Maryland area and a wide variety of properties. Some properties with many trees will need multiple extra sweeps per week. Properties with very few trees may only need one or two extra sweeps for the season. Your plan also will depend on when your leaves begin to fall. Different types of trees drop their leaves at different times. We want to schedule your sweeps at the optimal time to keep them from accumulating. The best guarantee for successful leaf sweeping is a personalized plan. Contact us to discuss your property, and we will help you implement an Autumn Sweeping Plan that works for you!