Give Off the Best First Impression

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Give Off the Best First Impression

The exterior of your business is the first thing potential customers see before they decide to enter your doors: What precautions should you take to make sure customers come in the door?

Though they should not, customers judge books by their cover. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning understands the importance of a great first impression. It is our mission to help you make that impression at first glance.

Before any customer pulls into the driveway of a business, they may have driven past the business’ property many times. If the exterior is not neat, clean, and well manicured, customers will not have faith in that company. An unkempt property gives the impression that the business’ product or service provided is sub par and not of good quality.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Your parking lot’s appearance is key to expressing what type of customer service a customer can expect to receive. So, it is important for you to take your parking lot maintenance seriously. If your lot has potholes or the parking spot lines are faded, hiring a full-service parking lot sweeping company like Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning can make all the difference in your property’s appearance. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is a local company servicing the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area.

When you have huge numbers of vehicles coming in and out of your lot and parking for a great deal of time, you will eventually find evidence of oil stains, trash, and debris. Implementing a regular parking lot maintenance routine with a company who offers pressure washing services and parking lot cleaning will make keeping your exterior looking its best.

Pressure Cleaning

Everything gets dirty outside eventually. With dirt and dust in the air, your parking lot, building walls, trash dumpsters, sidewalk, and entryway can become filthy over time. Pressure washing has so much power behind the water. This pressure is what lifts the dirt right off the surface. Once the dirt is lifted, it is washed away. Having these areas and surfaces pressure washed routinely will give your exterior a spotless glow.

Graffiti Removal

If you live in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC, you know graffiti is a potential problem. Should you come across graffiti on your building, pressure cleaning is a quick and easy way to have it removed. Graffiti on a building gives off the impression of low quality, low income, and bad service. A customer feels unimportant when a business leaves graffiti unattended for too long.

Landscaping, Windows, and Doors

Now that your parking lot, walkways, and building walls are nice and clean, working on your landscaping will be the finishing touch your company needs. Having grass, bushes, and trees well maintained shows the customer that you take pride in your facility, service, product, and customer service.

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Hiring a full service parking lot sweeping company will ensure that the impression you make is a professional one. Getting customers through the door is the first step to growing your customer base. A well-maintained parking lot will certainly do the trick.