Spring Sealing

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Spring Sealing

Freshly sealed parking lot

Blooms will soon be on the Cherry Trees. The air will warm up. And a breeze will become more of a blissful feeling rather than a reason to pull your coat tighter around you. Spring is nearing, and that means it is almost Sealing Season! What’s that? The smell of asphalt sealer is not the first thing you think of when Spring arrives? Maybe you are new to caring for a parking lot. Let us help you see the beauty in a freshly sealed parking lot.

Sealing = Beautification

Your pavement is the first sight a new customer sees as they approach your business. The inside of your stores and businesses may be gleaming; yet an unkempt lot may shoo away a customer before they even have a chance to get inside. Though sealing is not just for an aesthetic appeal, it does provide a fresh, clean appearance to all who pass by. Think about it; when you choose a store or restaurant to visit, don’t you desire to spend your money in an establishment that is well cared for? A decaying parking lot conveys a message of a dying or closed business. However, a freshly repaired and sealed parking lot sends a message of “open for business” and “you are welcome here!” Seal your lot this Spring for beautification!

Sealing = Longevity

Your asphalt is one of your largest investments. A lot left unsealed year after year is susceptible to the wear and tear of rain, dirt, snow, & ice. Yet, sealcoating on a regular basis can actually extend the life of your pavement by more than double! In the process of sealcoating, we can also provide repairs to cracked areas and potholes. This will prevent the asphalt from failing and maintain its integrity for years to come. Protect the longevity of your investment with sealcoating this Spring.

Sealing = Prevention

Sealing maintains the integrity of your asphalt. It also aids in the prevention of property damage. A well-cared for parking lot encourages patrons to also show care for the parking lot. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true. If you do not care for your pavement, it presents an atmosphere of property decay, and vandals will feel welcome to leave their mark. You may find graffiti artists gravitating to your lot. Others may feel free to dump large items behind your building that you are then responsible to move. And if you are lucky enough to stay off the radar of vandals, remember an unkempt lot is a liability. Property damage can occur to vehicles that drive across potholes or other decayed areas. Patrons can incur a trip and fall and hold your property liable. Be sure to prevent property damage and vandalism with sealcoating this Spring!

Now is the time to request a bid from Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. Do not wait until our Spring calendar is full. The sooner you request, the more easily we can schedule your spring sealing project to take place at a time that’s convenient for you and all your patrons. Let us add to the beauty, longevity, and safety of your pavement!