Sweeping & Construction Project Sites

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Sweeping & Construction Project Sites

Construction Site Clean up and Track Out Sweeping SWPPP and BMP Services including Storm Water Management and Mitigation

Street sweeping can be a messy undertaking, especially on project sites. You have heavy equipment hard at work moving material and disturbing dirt, dust and mud. Project work site cleanliness is very important for maintaining a safe work site and in addition benefits the environment. Here are a few important things for consideration when trying to keep your project or construction site clean and free of dirt and debris.

New Developments/Project Sites

Debris accumulation is a fact of life on any construction site. Fasteners such as screws or nails, and other pieces of debris can be scattered quickly across a site. In the interest of avoiding injuries and damage to equipment, it is important that the site be kept as clean as possible. Routine sweeping by a street sweeper is the easiest way to keep your site clean and in safe working order. In the process of managing a new development, weekend traffic to a sales or leasing office means your streets and parking lots will be busy and should be well maintained for the overall aesthetics of the property.

Formulate a Sweeping Schedule

From the moment ground is broken and the site development work begins, it is very important to maintain a regular schedule for street sweeping. A site may require weekly or even daily sweeping to ensure all dust, silt, debris, settlement, and dirt is removed. The needed intervals will vary based on location, regional requirements, and local ordinances.

Urban vs Suburban

A new community with many homes in a suburban location will require a weekly street sweeping schedule. A construction project in a more densely populated urban area with more local foot traffic may require daily street sweepings to maintain the best possible overall appearance.

Sweeping Checklist For Construction

  • Maintain appearances. Aesthetics are important
  • Keep air and water pollutants to a minimum
  • Facilitate safety as a priority by removing unsafe debris.
  • Clean streets for the benefit of local car and walking traffic
  • Dirt and construction debris are potentially hazardous for pedestrians

All parties involved in a project should plan ahead to maintain a regular street sweeping schedule.

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