4 Simple Tips That Will Get Your Business Ready For Snow

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4 Simple Tips That Will Get Your Business Ready For Snow

Snow always seems to come when you least expect it. Prepare for winter weather now and get a leg up on the competition.

Snow can be a beautiful thing, but if you’re a business owner, its approach only brings a sense of dread. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prepare for the precipitation before it arrives. Take these tips to heart and watch your business quickly get back to normal when winter weather strikes.

Check The Building’s Plumbing

Whether you own the business’ building or are just renting office space, a snow related plumbing emergency can be disastrous. Pressure from excess snow buildup combined with freezing temperatures lead to issues like broken pipes. Before calling in a licensed plumber, make sure water is left slightly running. Just a steady stream of drips can prevent frozen systems. Heating cables and heating tape are great choices that avoid adding excess weight. They also prevent snow from piling up by melting internal and external elements.

Make A Snow Plan

Not everything you can do to prevent winter’s effects from causing business problems requires a handy man. Talk with employees about what should be done before, during and after a storm occurs. Workers with SUVs or 4-wheel drive vehicles can sometimes come in handy for transportation needs. Be sure to ask employees about their thoughts on preparing schedules, closing times and other arrangements. Create an email and phone list that ensures everyone has the correct information about closings or delays. This list also offers a convenient way to answer all of those questions that normally accompany a weather event.

Buy Up Those Winter Weather Supplies

Depending on your setup, find the winter weather supplies that promote safety and convenience. Sand or gritty materials offer a helpful source of traction for walkways. Melts are not as effective and can actually be dangerous to plants as well as wildlife. Keep a first aid kit on standby. It’s probably not going to be necessary, but accidents do happen when you’re traversing those leftover flakes. If your employees use company cars, place a kit in each one that features items like a blanket and heating packs in case they have an emergency.

Keep A Snow Removal Service On Retainer

Living in areas where snowfall is a part of life makes this tip especially important. The faster you can take away that dreaded winter precipitation, the faster your customers can get back to your business. Snow removal services like Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning have the tools and experience to keep snow out of your way. Just one snow removal session can make instantly improve conditions for employees as well as customers or clients.

If you’re dealing with a new bout of snow, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning can help. Our team of dedicated professionals know how to tackle winter’s most challenging elements. Call 703-684-1095 now or visit us online for a free estimate.