5 Reasons to Restripe Your Parking Lot

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5 Reasons to Restripe Your Parking Lot

It’s springtime, and the weather is starting to change for the better, so it’s time to consider getting your parking lot restriped. After all, winter is often hard on any parking lot thanks to increased amounts of rain and snow, and once you’ve repaired the inevitable damage and maintained it, your parking lines are likely to look worn and faded. There are other good reasons for restriping your parking lot, however, and they can ensure that your customers remain happy.

ADA Compliance

The Americans With Disabilities Act requires that you clearly mark dedicated parking spaces within your lot. If the lines are too faded, this can mean it might appear that there are no ADA-compliant spaces, causing you to fall afoul of ADA regulations. In addition, because ADA-compliant parking is considered to be “readily achievable” and has a “minimal impact” on the business, it is expected that all businesses with parking lots have clearly marked ADA spaces.

In addition, you’re required to have a certain proportion of van-accessible parking spaces, which essentially mean a wider access aisle to accommodate a wheelchair lift and adequate vertical clearance.

Mark Fire Lanes

Fire lanes are also another legal requirement in many areas, and again, they must be clearly marked so that people don’t accidentally park in them. The precise requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, yet it’s generally assumed that firetrucks should be able to use them, so the regulations are often similar. Typically, red paint is involved and the curb is generally painted yellow and has the words “No Parking, Fire Lane” on it. Again, these need tobe in good repair and clearly marked.

Keep Pedestrians Safe

Crosswalks keep customers safer, as a clearly marked crosswalk keeps drivers aware that customers may pass in front of them. In addition, it reduces some liability for the business, providing they are well maintained. The key is that they must be “easily identifiable” by both pedestrians and drivers. Similarly, well-published speed limits also reduce the risk of accidents, particularly when there are children nearby. Although drivers are supposed to take special care when children might be around, a set speed limit helps to enforce that idea.

Free Up Loading Areas

A precisely placed loading area lets customers quickly pick up items from a convenient location. This means that you don’t want people routinely park in such locations, so a clearly marked loading area helps customers understand that the area is off-limits unless they are loading an item from the store. In addition, clearly marked areas in front of entryways for trucks and other goods vehicles help ensure that customers don’t hold up deliveries by parking in the wrong place.

Improve Traffic Flow

In some parking lots, it’s crucial to keep traffic flowing by clearly marking which way vehicles should go. This is especially true for city lots that have relatively narrow lanes, making it less possible to turn around or reverse if multiple vehicles meet going opposite directions. In addition, marked lanes and junctions ensure that drivers understand who has priority in what situation, improving traffic flow and helping customers get in and out of your lot with relative ease. Suitable markings can also help guide drivers toward safer entry and exit points, reducing the likelihood of an accident outside your lot.

Restriping your parking lot is a good way to create a fresh look, but it comes with many benefits from a practical and legal standpoint. Talk to us today to help improve customer safety, convenience and practicality with updated parking lot striping.