Taking Out the Trash with Junk Removal Services

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Taking Out the Trash with Junk Removal Services

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about spring cleaning, and they often prioritize junk removal. However, even though there are municipal landfills and recycling areas, some people still choose to illegally dump their trash, creating an unsightly pile that can have serious health code issues. Even though this is a pain point for many businesses, it’s essential to deal with this immediately.

What to Do When You See Illegally Dumped Items

Many contractors offer junk and bulk trash removal services, and Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is one of them. When we get a report of illegally dumped items, we look at the size of the trash pile and aim to remove it effectively. We take images of the items removed and attempt to identify the origin of the trash so that you have a better chance of identifying the culprits.

In some cases, people are careless enough to leave bank statements, receipts and other identifying information within the trash. This increases the chance of a successful prosecution or claim for damages related to the dumping, should businesses choose to pursue those routes.

Reasons to Contact Junk Removal Specialists Immediately

Quickly handling illegally dumped trash helps you avoid potential fines from local authorities, as they can impose sanctions on companies that don’t keep their lots clean. It also helps you eliminate the problems of pests attracted by edible items within the trash.

Similarly, a pile of dumped trash does not look good for your business. It can cause additional hazards and liability if it’s not cleaned up quickly simply because customers can injure themselves on it or damage their vehicles. Even if the injury is caused by a third party dumping waste in your property, because it happens on your lot, you may be liable for damages if you fail to provide a safe environment.

In some cases, junk removal involves specialized services, as there may be hazardous items within the trash. This is the case for trash such as domestic waste, where people do not necessarily separate out hazardous items. In addition, if someone is prepared to dump waste illegally, that person is not likely to worry too much about the safety of the dumped waste.

In all cases, it’s a good idea to use a sweeping service to ensure that every last bit is picked up and removed successfully. A good sweeping service is available 24/7 so that no matter when it happens, you can ensure junk removal is swift and doesn’t cause disruption.

Easy Junk Removal

A clean parking lot and yard keeps customers safe and your business looking sanitary, regardless of what you sell or create. Rely on Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning to swiftly remove dumped trash as well as regularly keeping your parking lot clean via junk removal services so you can focus on making the best impression possible to your customers.