Approaching Seal Coating In Autumn

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Approaching Seal Coating In Autumn

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If you ventured outside in the early hours the past couple days, you may have noticed a cool breeze! After record-setting high temperatures this Summer, I’d say most of us are breathing a sigh of relief. The end of Summer is the end of the unbearable heat. Did you know it is also the beginning of the end of sealing season? Ideally, parking lot sealing takes place in Spring and Summer. Though some regions allow for longer sealing seasons, now is the time to act before the weather cools down. Let’s discuss how you need to be approaching seal coating in Autumn.

Planning-Ahead Pro

Sealing protects your pavement from the cold winter weather. It is best for the longevity of your pavement to seal now, rather than risk another winter of wear and tear. However, if you’re one to plan ahead, good for you! Now is the time to start gathering bids for 2023. Seal coating is a big project and takes a chunk from your annual budget. Be sure you include it when you make your plans for next year. A team member from Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning will prepare a bid for your sealing project. We can then arrange your ideal time for sealing in 2023. The early bird gets the worm, and the early bid gets the priority on our calendar. Ok, maybe that doesn’t have the same ring to it, but you get the idea! Planning ahead has its benefits.

Last-Minute Luck

Are you a property management procrastinator? If you have a sealing job that needs to be completed before Autumn, call now. You may have last-minute luck and find an open spot on our calendar. If we do not have a spot right now, call us to come give you a bid anyway. We can keep your bid on file and schedule your seal coating job asap. If Summer weather holds out longer than usual, we can seal later into the Fall. “You never know if you don’t ask” as the saying goes; we welcome your requests for late-Summer and early Fall seal coating in the D.C. area.

All-Weather Work

Thankfully, there are many repairs and maintenance requests that we can fulfill all year long. Your pavement may need several pothole repairs. The lines for your handicapped spaces need to be re-striped. And don’t forget those ancient “No Parking” signs you’ve been meaning to replace. All of these and more are services we continue to offer through most of the year. (This is assuming you aren’t asking right after the first snowfall, of course!) For all of your property maintenance needs, call on Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning; we will send a team member to you to assess your needs. Then, together, we will plan the perfect time for completion. Usually, on your end, the ideal time is ASAP, so we do our best to make that happen!

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is truly a company for all your property maintenance needs. As sealing season comes to a close, we are still here to meet your pavement needs. Call on us for all of your needs in the Virginia, Maryland, & Greater D.C. Metro area.