Back-to-School Advice for Your Pavement

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Back-to-School Advice for Your Pavement

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What an odd title! Pavement cannot receive an education, after-all. However, have you considered the effect this season of change has on your parking lot? How about your city streets? As a property manager, shifts in schedule for the general population should always cause you to pause. Give thought to your cleaning and maintenance schedules. They probably need adjusting. Still need a little help making the connection? Here’s a bit of back-to-school advice for your pavement!

Traffic Timing

Traffic ebbs and flows during Summer months with tourists and events. But whether student or commuter, no one can deny the effect of August: Summer comes to an end and people return to the strict 8-to-5 grind in droves. Those parking lots that you scheduled for early morning sweeps? Time for a change! Commuters visiting your parking lot for an early coffee or tank of gas will prevent an effective sweep. It’s time to revisit that schedule and move the sweep to late-evening or middle-of-the-night. Depending on the demographic of your particular property in the D.C. Metro Area, think twice about evening sweeps. Some parking lots will be empty and ready for sweeping by 10pm. Others will be serving late night dinners to the influx of University Students to our area. Plan accordingly. University students… ah yes, that brings us to our next point!

The University Effect

Back-to-School season in the D.C. Metro area brings a rush of University students to your properties. Students fill apartment buildings, visit attractions, and find their new study spots as they settle in to college life. You, as a property manager need to think specifically about each property you manage. Will there be a need for extra sweeps before classes begin in your area? Will you need to add more frequent parking lot sweeping to your lot that has a coffee shop? What about sporting events? As college sports kick off this Fall, you want to be prepared with pristine parking lots. Whether you expect tailgaters or just an influx of restaurant goers, mark the big games on your calendar. Then, call Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning to be sure we are on your property before and after the games!

Go With The Flow

Students move back into town, professors get back on the road, and families return to the 8-to-5. Many changes are on the horizon. And many changes will come after that! Be ready to go with the flow. Ask us to keep an eye on your property when we are there to sweep. We can alert you to the need for additional sweeping, day portering, or even repairs. No schedule is perfect or unchanging. As things change, we are happy to report back to you and adjust your schedule quickly.

Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today to discuss all your back-to-school pavement needs. Our professional sweeping and cleaning crew will make sure your pavement earns an A+ this year!