Combat Trash & Debris With Sweeping

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Combat Trash & Debris With Sweeping

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Services in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Richmond, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Roanoke

Combatting Trash and Debris with Street Sweeping Equipment

The importance of street and parking lot sweeping is often overlooked. It is one of those services that people only seem to notice when it’s been neglected. Well-maintained streets and parking lots can greatly improve the aesthetics of a neighborhood or business. Regular street sweeping also makes a huge impact on the environment and our waterways.

Neglected streets and parking lots will have garbage, debris, gravel, and oil on them. In the fall months, the streets also collect piles of leaves and branches from trees. This doesn’t just create an eye-sore, but it’s also a huge safety issue. Although street sweeping may not seem very important or glamorous, it is vital for maintaining a beautiful, healthy environment. That’s why Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is committed to providing outstanding street sweeping and parking lot cleaning services.

From planning and scheduling to execution, our team is dedicated to seeing each job all the way through to completion. Our professional drivers have the experience to provide safe service, while causing little interruption to traffic.

Every week, Atlantic Sweeping street sweepers are responsible for removing many tons of trash from streets and parking lots right here in our tri-state area. We skillfully use their trucks to efficiently sweep the streets clean at up to ten miles per hour.

Although we have several types of trucks, all of them use technology to collect road dirt into a holding bin, while keeping disruptions and pollution to a minimum. For most applications, we use conventional sweeping trucks, which spray water on the roadway to keep dust to a minimum. This also helps to loosen grime. The vehicles then use steel brushes spinning at up to 4,000 revolutions per minute to push dirt toward the middle of the truck where it is picked up by an elevator conveyor belt and deposited into a hopper inside the truck. When the hoppers are filled, they get emptied into dump trucks or dumpsters and are hauled away. The frequency of sweeping required depends on how quickly debris and trash accumulates. In some cases, street sweeping is only required a few times a month, while other places require multiple sweepings per day.

We also have specialized equipment that can handle unique jobs. For example, we use regenerative air sweepers for special events, shopping centers, malls, and parking areas near fast food restaurants because they can pick up napkins, cups, and paper bags more easily than traditional sweepers. These vehicles are vacuum trucks, which use hydraulics to create a vortex by spinning the air at high speeds. They then suck the air into the storage container, bringing debris with it.

To protect air quality, our vacuum trucks have shaking units and filtering systems that remove fine particulate matter to clean the air before it gets blown back out into the atmosphere. Our regenerative air sweepers can collect and hold particles measuring less than 10 microns. This means the air that blows from the sweepers is often cleaner than when it entered our sweeper’s system.

At the end of each day, the street sweepers have to be emptied, the joints need to be greased, the oil must be checked, and the air filters need to be cleaned. This preventative maintenance ensures our machines stay in top working condition so we can reduce downtime and interruptions to our schedule. We take great pride in our work because we want to improve the cleanliness of our towns and cities, as well as protect our environment and waterways.

For more information about how regular sweeping can benefit your business, contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today!