Fallen Leaves, Leaf Build Up & Your Commercial Property

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Fallen Leaves, Leaf Build Up & Your Commercial Property

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The autumn season is usually a beautiful time in the Washington, D.C. metro area, with a plethora of beautiful fall colors on display. As the fall season wears on, these same leaves are a primary cause of frustration and distress for commercial property owners and managers-especially when there is excessive leaf fall and build up. It is of crucial importance that the correct measures are undertaken to mitigate leaf fall on and around your commercial property location.

Autumn Leaves Are A Nuisance

It may surprise you how much autumn leaf litter falls here in the D.C. Metro Area. The sheer volume of leaf build-up is astounding as fall wears on. It is bad enough that leaf build up is unsightly, but it can also cause property damage and also become a safety hazard. As a property owner or manager it is absolutely essential to prepare for the leaf season to eliminate or mitigate unwanted problems. A failure to address the leaf build up issue can lead to landscape damage, flooding, slip/trip/fall hazards and result in less efficient usage of your parking facilities.

Damage From Leaves-What Do I Do?

Another important facet of leaf build up mitigation is to ensure that your property’s gutters and drainage systems are cleaned before and during leaf season. Significant leaf fall can clog gutters, drainage grates, and catch basins, leading to exacerbated flooding which can result in significant property damage. One important mitigation technique is to trim trees and shrubs prior to the start of the autumn season, this will significantly help to reduce the volume of leaves.

We recommend hiring a professional sweeping and cleaning company such as Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning to handle the leaf fall and build up. We will bring in our sweeper trucks to clear and dispose of leaf debris to control excessive leaf litter and thus minimize potential flooding issues or safety hazards. Regularly scheduled sweeping and hauling is the best approach. Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning and letting us remove your autumn leaves by power sweeping and hauling is the best practice to ensure your property and parking lot is trouble free.

At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning we have the equipment and eperience to keep your paved surfaces free of leaf litter. Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today!