George Washington’s Birthday, President’s Day & Sweeping

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George Washington’s Birthday, President’s Day & Sweeping

The third Monday is February is today known as President’s Day in many states to honor the contributions of notable leaders of this great nation of ours. How this tradition originally began was that George Washington’s birthday on Feb 22nd was set aside as a Federal holiday to honor our first president. This was the tradition until 1968, when Congress enacted a bill entitled “The Uniform Monday Holiday Act.” According to the sponsoring legislators, this law was intended to give federal employees more three day weekends. When this new law took effect in 1971, Washington’s Birthday was moved to the third Monday in February.

Seperately, a popular movement had been gaining traction since 1951 to rename Washington’s Birthday to President’s Day. This was to also honor Abraham Lincoln’s February 12th birthday, as well as the contributions of our numerous other notable leaders who held the office of president. By the 1980’s this movement had succeeded to the point that “President’s Day” had become commonly used by retailers promoting holiday sales, and had gained popular public acceptance across the U.S. as the name of the holiday.

Here’s the bizarre thing-The United States Government has never officially changed the name of the holiday. Washington’s Birthday is still the name of the Federal holiday and all government services and banks are closed on the third Monday in February accordingly.

Our home state of Virginia officially marks George Washington’s Birthday and also celebrates Virginia resident George Washington all month long. Our neighbors in Maryland officially celebrate President’s Day. Twenty-Three states officially celebrate the holiday as “President’s Day.” Eleven States continue to celebrate Washington’s Birthday. Three states officially celebrate both holidays. Perhaps the most odd fact of all is that Thirteen U.S. states do not officially celebrate either.

President’s Day also unofficially marks the beginning of the season of customers returning in larger numbers to retail stores and service businesses after the holiday season. These returning customers are going to expect facilities that are clean, sanitary, and in good repair. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning can help. Whether you require disinfection services, power sweeping, power pressure washing, pavement repair, porter services, or commercial cleaning services, we have what you need to give those returning customers a great experience. Call us today!

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