Reducing Pollutants In Parking Lots

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Reducing Pollutants In Parking Lots

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How can oarking lot pollutants be mitigated and minimized? Automobiles remain the primary means of transportation for most working individuals. This results in business parking lots being operated at or near full capacity. A high volume of traffic into and out of parking lots, and a significant number of parked cars at all times means that the need for consistent and effective parking lot maintenance will increase as well.

The main function of parking lots is to function as short and long term vehicle parking. As the volume of cars increases, it is unavoidable that your parking lot paved surfaces will become a repository for various pollutants that can then be dispersed into the air and water. Efforts to protect our environment have led to more stringent regulations on stormwater, drainage and pollution abatement. The overall goal is to minimize potential pollutants collected by and dispersed from parking lots.


The following are examples of pollutants that are often found in parking lots:

  1. Gasoline, Motor oil, Grease, and other auto petrochemicals.
  2. Sediment
  3. Heavy Metals
  4. Debris and Trash


  1. Ensure your regular parking lot sweeping service uses a regenerative sweeper to mitigate dust released into the air while parking lot sweeping and cleaning.
  2. Insist on using environmental-friendly cleaning chemicals on parking lots and other paved areas.
  3. Ensure your paved surfaces are kept clean and well maintained with regular sweeping and cleaning schedules.
  4. When repairing or resurfacing your parking lot, consider using modern permeable paving materials.
  5. Mitigate stormwater pollution by having parking lot water collected and filtered before it is released into the waterways/landscape.
  6. Have adequate trash receptacles available and readily visible in your parking lot. Ensure these are emptied regularly.

As the greater Washington D.C. area continues to grow, so will the number of cars on the roads and entering your parking lots. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning can be your professional parking lot cleaning solution by making your parking lot a cleaner and safer area for your employees, visitors, and customers, alike.