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Holi – Day Porters

Happy Holi - Day Porters

Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving week is here, and the shops are already full! Those long lines are a nuisance to shoppers, but to you and your tenants they mean booming business. Along with that business comes additional wear and tear on your property. But do not grow weary this holiday season. With a quick call to Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning, you can have day porters scheduled to take care of the issues. What issues can we address? We are glad you asked! Let’s discuss Holi – Day Porters!

Litter Removal

The most obvious need in your parking lot and surrounding property is likely litter removal. Careless patrons tend to leave sales ads, candy wrappers, and water bottles in their wake. Our day porters can hand pick this litter during high traffic times. We remove the need for you (or your tenants) to hire additional seasonal employees for trash removal! Litter removal via day porters also serves you better than parking lot sweeping alone; parking lot sweeping is best done at night, so as not to interrupt patrons. However, day porters are discreet and can work around shoppers easily. Day porters do their job quickly, keeping trash out from under shoppers feet during the day time hours. Then, sweeper trucks follow at night to get dust and trash day porters cannot. Together they make a fabulous holiday cleaning team!

Trash Can Liner Change

A lesser known day porter service is trash can liner removal and changing. Have you ever been to a restaurant or store where the trash is overflowing? Gross, right? Do not let that be the thought patrons have when visiting your shopping center. Secure our day porter crew to visit your property after the highest traffic hours to change out those trash cans! As with litter removal, our crews are discreet and efficient. They will quickly change out your trash liners, providing a neat and clean appearance.

Shopping Cart Returns

Now, this is something you probably have not thought of! Tired of paying your employees to use their valuable time retrieving shopping carts? Include shopping cart returns as part of your day porter request! While our crew is on your property for regular day porter services, we can return shopping carts to their proper stores. Especially during the holidays, shoppers tend to get lazy and leave carts out of cart corrals or at the wrong corral. Let our crew correct those errors so your employees can stay on task.

Window Cleaning

Window shopping is popular this time of year! However, if your windows are filthy, window shopping becomes a task. Customers are much more likely to pass on by, rather than be drawn in by the beautiful indoor displays. Let our holi – day porters make your season brighter with squeaky clean windows! The crisp appearance will allow customers to browse and come on in to see all the merry!

Day Porters: An Integral Piece of Holiday Season Success

Litter removal, trash liner changing, cart returns, and window cleaning are just the beginning. Visit our day porter service page to check out all the additional services we can provide. Our day porter crew will become an integral piece of your holiday season success!