Sweeping All the Way

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Sweeping All the Way

Parking lot sweeping, construction sweeping, municipal sweeping

The week after Thanksgiving. Here we are. The leftovers have all been eaten and you are back to business. Or at least we hope you are. And your property does too! Do not let all the merry & bright of the holiday season distract you from the basics your property needs. Sweeping all the way through the end of 2023 is necessary for your property’s well being. Let’s chat about a proper sweeping schedule for the month of December.

Regular Sweeping All the Way

What’s that? You have extended holiday hours? No need to cancel your regular parking lot sweeping! Our Atlantic Sweeping crew will work around your schedule so that your lot is clean and your customers are not disturbed. Even if you are open 24/7 this time of year, we can help you identify the best time to sweep. Our crew will avoid sweeping during your peak shopping hours and get the job done discreetly. There is no need to skimp or skip out on sweeping your parking lots. Our scheduling crew is savvy and our sweeping crew is professional. We will help you maintain regular sweeping all the way through the end of 2023!

Extra Sweeping for the Biggest Days

As you check your property’s schedule, you may be anticipating extra events this December. If you have not already scheduled extra sweeps surrounding those dates, now is your last reminder! A large event or sale brings more litter, more people, more dust & debris. Not to fear – Atlantic Sweeping is here! Let us help you clean up before or after those large sales or events that affect your parking lot. Our schedulers will add sweeps at convenient times for you. Our crew will work efficiently and carefully. Your lot will be clean and prepped for all that is to come.

Construction Sweeping Through the Holidays

Do not let your construction project become a nuisance to tenants, travelers, and customers this Holiday Season. Avoid a roadside mess that closes lanes and increases traffic. Take charge of that outparcel being renovated in an already busy shopping center. Beautify the parking lot that has been collecting dust. And most importantly, meet local regulations and avoid fines! You can meet all of these goals by employing construction sweeping through the holidays. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning utilizes trucks with bumper magnets; dangerous screws and hazardous metal materials do not stand a chance against our fleet. The Holidays should never mean more dust, only more sparkle. Let your construction sites shine with Atlantic’s construction sweeping.

Municipality Sweeping All Year Long

As the leaves clear and the cold weather settles in, you may be noticing dirty, salted streets. Your town deserves to celebrate the holidays in pristine style. Keep parade and shop goers eyes on the sparkling downtown lights. Leave the dirty streets to us! The dirt and debris collecting in the gutters or the unused salt from the last non-snow event? Gone! All thanks to Atlantic Sweeping! We provide municipal sweeping for all municipalities in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area, so give us a call today! We will keep your municipality streets neat and tidy all year long.

So contact us today, and then relax and take a load off. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is sweeping all the way through the year. Your property is in excellent, capable hands.