How Your Commercial Maintenance Program Benefits Everyone

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How Your Commercial Maintenance Program Benefits Everyone

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Using a commercial  maintenance service for your facility has many benefits. One very timely benefit is improving employee health. A thoroughly clean and sanitary facility greatly reduces the amount of lost productivity due to employee illness.

Take, for example, the surfaces of a typical office. These surfaces can be contaminated easily and quickly without thorough regular cleaning. One recent study deterined that the average office keyboard harbors approximately 7,500 different bacteria and germs. Given this fact, you can see just how easily an infectious disease could be quickly transmitted throughout an office environment, just through surfaces that are touched by several pairs hands over a typical work day.

Another common health concern is allergies. A dirty facilty or office can greatly increase allergic reactions. Dust and mold are two of the most common allergens that can easily accumulate over time and cause health concerns for your employees, clients and visitors.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning can clean and sanitize all of your spaces, improving health outcomes for all who enter your facility.


It is a challenge to stay focused and work productively in the absolute best of circumstances. An office that is dirty or untidy can be distracting. Being detail-oriented is important in carrying out any mission in your business, so why wouldn’t attention to the important detail of cleanliness be a priority? Your office or business environment should be a professional reflection of the productivity of your team.

The key is consistency if you want to run a successful business. Providing a clean work environment is absolutely vital. Your employees spend far more hours each week in their offices than at home. A clean and tidy office helps improve the overall appearance of your space and will also enhance workers’ productivity, overall health and motivation.


Regardless of your type of facility or office, you are likely to have clients and guests visiting. The cleanliness and maintenance of your business space speaks volumes to potential clients about your business. You never get a second chance to make a positive first impression. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is the right choice to enhance the reputation of your business.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning has continuously helped businesses throughout the Baltimore/Washington D.C./Northern V irginia metro area maintain clean office spaces since our business was founded. By hiring the professional cleaning services of Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning your employees will be more focused, healthy and safe.