Labor Day Love!

Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro Official Street Sweeping Services.

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(703) 684-1095 – Office
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PO Box 10740
Alexandria, Virginia 22310

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5221 Franconia Road
PO Box 10740
Alexandria, Virginia 22310

Labor Day Love!

American flag, tools, work gloves, hardhats to honor Labor Day

As the long holiday weekend approaches and the door opens to Autumn, we want to shout out our team! Labor Day recognizes the contributions and achievements of American workers; our team at Atlantic works hard to provide you with pristine pavement. They work through the blazing Summer, long nighttime hours, and snowy winters. So, let’s pause to give them some Labor Day love!

Our Team Sweeps

Each night while you sleep, our team sweeps! Crews from Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning take their sweeping role seriously. Are you managing a large construction project? Our team labors to maintain your compliance with local Clean Water Act regulations and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan inspections. The Atlantic team provides heavy-duty equipment, equipped with broom & air sweepers, dump sweepers, water sprayers, and bumper magnets. We have thought of everything to keep your construction site pristine so you don’t have to.

Property owners: you know first impressions are important to your customers; your pavement will not clean itself! This is exactly why you partner with Atlantic Sweeping & cleaning for your sweeping. Our crews work tirelessly through the night to ensure your parking lots are gleaming for your morning customers. Sweeping, large debris removal, hand-picking… these are just a few of our detailed procedures. Shout-out to our detail-driven team who provide you with peace of mind!

Our Team Repairs

Are portions of your lot deteriorating? The Atlantic team provides you timely and cost-effective repairs! From infrared pothole repair, to crack sealing, to full pavement sealing jobs, we meet all your pavement maintenance needs. No repair is too big or small. Are your surfaces made of concrete rather than asphalt? Not a worry! Our crew is skilled in concrete repair. We fix damaged curbs, sidewalks, and gutters. The Atlantic team repairs your dumpster pads, retaining walls, brick pavers, parking garages, and more! Our hard-working crews make your hard surface repairs their top priority! Sending Labor Day love to that hard-working crew.

Our Team Cleans

Got a commercial property in the Virginia, Maryland, D.C. area? Our team provides all the commercial property maintenance you need. Sweeping, repairs, and yes: cleaning! Our pressure washing crew washes not only your building, but also cleans other surfaces. Nasty trash cans, dirty signage, mucky benches: none stand a chance against our detailed crews. Our crews are careful to use environmentally friendly products when they clean. They care about your property and its long-term health. The cleanliness of your property reflects our caring crew. Shout-out to the caring cleaning team at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning!

As you can tell, we are pretty big fans of our Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning team! We hope you are too! The properties in the D.C. Metro area thrive in large part due to their efforts. Would you take a moment this week to share your experience with us? Shout-out the reasons you love the Atlantics Sweeping & Cleaning team. We’d enjoy sharing your Labor Day love with them!