Municipality Pavement Needs

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Municipality Pavement Needs

municipality pavement needs

If you manage the needs of a municipality, you know it’s a big job. Especially if you manage multiple municipalities (say that five times fast!), you need a hand. And with so many great towns in the D.C metro area, we want to become your right-hand man. As we approach summer, you may be a bit overwhelmed with tasks. We want to lighten that load. Let’s talk municipality pavement needs.

Municipality Sweeping

We own our own fleet of dependable street sweepers equipped to meet the needs of municipalities. Our goal in sweeping is to keep pollution from flowing into your drains and streams. The beauty around your city should not be polluted by trash! Our team is ready to maintain a sweeping schedule that meets your needs and aids the environment. We understand that a loud sweeping truck can be an annoyance to your community. So we operate both High Dump Regenerative Air Sweepers and Mechanical Broom Sweepers, which allows us to operate more efficiently. We also operate 24/7 and can accommodate the schedule you think best suits each neighborhood in your municipality. You know your city streets, so you tell us what you think is best, and we will be there!

Municipality Traffic Control

As Spring eases into Summer, you may be hosting street fairs, vendor events, and concerts. With each of these exciting events comes a need to aid in the flow of traffic. Did you know Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning offers traffic control? The company you know and trust for your sweeping and pavement repair needs can become your go-to for events. Our team is able to do more than events though! We provide traffic control for roadways, site security, storm restoration, utility issues, traffic accident backup, flooding, and more! We bring in the heavy hitters of flaggers, security, and roadblocks, ensuring traffic continues to flow.

Municipality Repairs

Whether pavement or concrete, your walkable and drive-able surfaces will not last forever. The ongoing effort you put into maintaining them will determine how long they last. After we have removed trash from your streets, it’s time to assess those deeper needs. Are your sidewalks uneven and crumbling? Are potholes causing those in your community to avoid certain streets altogether? Caring for these needs is essential to the safety and well-being of your municipality. What may seem like just an eye-sore of a pothole represents an unkempt feeling to your neighborhoods.This lack of care and upkeep spirals, causing others to neglect these streets as well. Make repairs to your pavement and concrete quickly. This not only removes the immediate liability of injury, but also the future liability of a neglected neighborhood. Show your neighbors you care about your municipality by teaming up with Atlantic for your repairs!

We desire to improve and beautify each and every municipality in the D.C. Metro, Maryland, Virginia area. Whether you have a few streets in your care or several towns to answer for, we’re here to lighten the load. Call Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning today for your municipality pavement needs.