Prepare Your Lot for Street Sweeping Service in Virginia

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Prepare Your Lot for Street Sweeping Service in Virginia

There Are Several Steps Lot Owners Should Take to Get Their Property Ready Before Street Sweeping in Virginia.

When rough fall weather or heavy Christmas traffic has left your commercial parking lot cluttered and dirty, it’s time to call for a professional pressure wash. Not every lot is always ready to go, however. That’s why there are usually a few things you need to do before your appointment for street sweeping services in Virginia.

Make Alternate Arrangements

Many, if not most, commercial parking lots serve businesses that are open seven days a week. Some stay open every day of the year, which means that, regardless of the date scheduled, some daily traffic will be going in and out on the day of the sweep. Lot sweeping doesn’t take very long, but the crew still needs space to operate, and parked cars in the lot definitely count as obstacles to a thorough cleaning. That’s why it’s probably necessary to close down your lot for as long as the team is working.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to close your business for an hour or two during the holiday rush. Instead, try making arrangements with a neighboring lot owner to handle your traffic during the sweep. Later, you can return the favor when their lot is being cleaned. It’s probably a good idea to block off access to your lot with orange cones or hazard tape that you can easily remove after the job is done.

Remove Obstacles

Once your lot is closed off and all the cars are out, take a walk around to spot any obstacles that could interfere with the sweep. Because Atlantic S&C teams clear out trash and fallen branches before their sweeping pass, you usually don’t have to do that, but any objects like stanchions or padlocked gates that could be in the way should be opened or moved to allow access for the team.

Talk to the Crew

After the lot has been prepared and the obstacles removed, it’s a good idea to talk with the team as it gets ready to sweep the lot. Ask them for an on-the-spot estimate of how long the area has to remain closed, so you’ll know when you can reopen the lot to cars. Make them aware of special trouble spots, such as an area where leaking cars have left unusually large deposits of grease or where a weeping tree has dripped sap on the asphalt, and ask them if they can make a second pass or be extra attentive to those points. By consulting with the team that’s actually doing the work, you’re likely to get better results than if the crew is left to work blind.

Getting your lot cleaned can disrupt your normal schedule, but it’s worth it to have a clean, attractive place for customers to park. By adequately prepping the lot in advance, clearing a path for the truck and making the team aware of your special needs, you can arrange street sweeping service in Virginia with minimal interference to your regular business. Call or click today to get a no-obligation consultation with Atlantic S&C and find out more details about your lot cleaning.