Why You Need Street Sweeping Services in VA After a Construction Project

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Why You Need Street Sweeping Services in VA After a Construction Project

Construction Projects Inevitably Generate Waste and Can Leave the Grounds Around Your Property in Serious Need of a Street Sweeping Service in VA.

Whenever you have construction work done on your commercial property, some construction waste is inevitable. Loose sheets of plastic, spent insulation, and various liquids and solids have a way of getting loose on a construction job site, and many of these substances have the potential to damage or stain the concrete or asphalt pavement on your property. The walls of your buildings can also become discolored and dirty after even a brief renovation, necessitating a professional-quality pressure wash before you’re ready to greet customers again.

Types of Construction Waste

Most construction and renovation projects begin with a tear-down or cleaning out of the existing structure, followed by the installation or repair work. The first stages of this process can put a lot of dust in the air, which invariably sticks to buildings’ windows, walls and signage, creating a dilapidated, dingy look that can turn away customers. Other types of waste typically generated include fluff from discarded carpets and insulation, bits of plastic sheeting too small to be picked up and thrown away, and dropped tar from the roof.

The rebuilding process introduces its own varieties of mess. Discarded product wrappers for construction materials, spilled paint or other chemicals, and personal trash left by careless workers all leave your grounds looking less than optimal. Most reputable contractors try to clean up their job site before the work is finished, but not everything can be collected, and whatever remains can’t help but look bad.

Street Sweeping Services in VA

The most efficient solution to these problems is to arrange a parking lot cleanup and pressure wash of all the surfaces affected by the work you’ve had done. You can also take advantage of the crew’s presence on your property to get unaffected-but-long-suffering surfaces elsewhere on your property cleaned.

Atlantic S&C books street sweeping services in Virginia and the surrounding areas north of the state, and can quickly get your grounds squared away after a bout of construction ends. First, our professional crews arrive in an impressively large truck with all the manpower they need to tackle the job ahead. Then they walk the grounds, looking for large and large-ish pieces of trash that can be swept or picked up by hand. The truck then makes a circuit of the pavement, sweeping as it goes, until most of the detritus is gone. If any stubborn spots remain after this, we hit the area with hot, pressurized water and soap for a deep, thorough pressure wash. We can even spruce up the vertical surfaces on your lot, such as walls and the sides of buildings.

If you’ve recently had construction work done, or you’re planning to have it done soon, give Atlantic S&C a call before the work is finished. We consult over the phone for free, with no obligation to book a visit, and we arrive on time with the equipment and the help we need for your job. Taken together, the elements of our approach to rapid cleaning have the potential to get your commercial property clean and looking great again when you need street sweeping in Virginia.