Pressure Washing for the Beauty of Your Business

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Pressure Washing for the Beauty of Your Business

Curb Appeal Is The First Thing A Customer Sees When They Pull Up To Your Business.

How To Make The Outside Of Your Business Sparkle As Nicely As The Inside?

The outside of your business can become visibly dirty over time. The elements can be a big contributor to dust, dirt, and residue build up on your parking lot, building, windows, and doors. We, at Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning, want to help you keep the outside of your business looking as great as the inside. The first impression starts when the customer pulls up in the parking lot, not when they walk through your doors.

More often than not, a customer decides the moment they pull up in the parking lot whether or not their shopping experience is going to be a good one. It is important to ensure that they imagine they will receive the best shopping experience any company can offer.

The exterior of a business can get extremely dirty thanks to the elements. Especially in areas like Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC where it snows. The dirt and dust can create build up over time and make a perfectly nice building look dirty and worn down.

Parking lots filled with cars on a regular basis can also take a beating. Cars with oil leaks can leave unsightly stains on your parking lot’s asphalt and make your parking lot look unkempt and uncared for.

We, at Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning understand the importance of a well maintained commercial space. We provide power washing services to assist businesses in providing their customers with a welcoming feeling when they turn into the parking lot.

Pressure washing provides a deep cleaning of your outer surfaces. We use hot or cold water, depending on the type of dirt being removed, to replace the dirty, dingy grime that has accumulated on your building, columns, and parking lot with clean surfaces. We want to make your building and lot look brand new.

We can pressure wash the following surfaces of your building to help you successfully bring in more customers:

  • Parking Lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Garages
  • Awnings
  • Building Facades
  • Loading Docks
  • Dumpster Enclosures

Unfortunately, no single business is immune to possible graffiti attacks or random gum placement in the most inopportune places on your building. These situations make your business look low budget and downright scary to potential customers. We here at Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning can and will immediately remove these eyesores from your building in one visit. We can power wash the graffiti and gum right off the surface of your building and make it like it was never there.

Along with graffiti, gum removal, and the other pressure washing services we provide, we also offer machine-scrubbing, pipe, column, and wall cleaning, and degreasing services. There is not much our experienced pressure washers cannot clean.

We are an eco-friendly company designed to use only environmentally safe cleaning supplies to power washing your property without harming the environment or introducing harmful chemicals into your business environment. Our highly trained cleaning experts are detail oriented so that every corner of your business is addressed. For more information on our pressure washing services, please give us a call at: 703-684-1095. Call us today! We are here to help.