Spring is for Sealing

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Spring is for Sealing

Spring is for sealing

Spring is a time for renewal. New flowers bloom, summer vegetable gardens are planted, newness is everywhere! Well… except in your parking lot. If you did not make a plan this winter to renew your pavement through sealing (or seal coating, more properly), you need to renew your pavement! Don’t worry though; this is not all on your shoulders. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is here to help! Let’s talk about why Spring is for sealing!

Spring Sealing Renews after Winter

Winter conditions can be harsh on pavement. Snow, ice, rain, & salt all wear away at your asphalt’s finish. Fissures and potholes develop, leaving your pavement exposed to debris, harmful chemicals, oils, and dirt. Asphalt left untreated is at risk of eventual failure. Sealing stops deterioration in its tracks! In fact, sealing your asphalt on a regular schedule can extend its life by more than double! Renew your pavement after winter with a fresh seal coat. We will seal your pavement efficiently and cost-effectively.

Spring Sealing Renews Efficiently

So, we have convinced you to seal coat your pavement, but why now? Spring is a great time to seal because the weather warms up! The process of sealing a parking lot requires the sealer to dry, and what better tool for drying than the sun! Seriously, nature really does help us out this time of year. When we can work more efficiently, you regain the use of your parking lot more quickly too. Everybody wins when we are sealing efficiently!

Spring Sealing Helps with Scheduling

Right now is a great time to get sealing on your calendar. If you wait until summer, our calendar will be filling up! We desire to seal your lot at a time that works for YOU! And while we do our best to accommodate sealing requests later in the year, we lose flexibility as the year goes on. Put in your bid request now and secure a time and date that works well not only for you, but also for your customer base. Maybe you manage a parking lot used largely by college students. Let us squeeze you in right between spring graduation and the start of the summer semester! Or maybe you manage a pool. Time’s ticking before that Memorial Day opening; get on our calendar for spring sealing today!

Spring Sealing Helps create a Domino Effect

Have you every thought about how a “domino effect” can be positive? If you clean up one room of your house, it may inspire you to clean up the next room. If you organize a cabinet, it may lead you to organize your desk. So it is with the property you manage or own. When you repair, seal, and stripe your pavement, its renewal inspires a freshening up of your other surfaces. We can pressure wash your surfaces to remove dirt and give a renewed appearance. Need new signage or lighting? We are happy to help there too. Spring is for sealing, but its more than that. Let your property follow the pattern of nature and join in the renewal.