Pre-Summer Property Maintenance Checklist

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Pre-Summer Property Maintenance Checklist

Pre-Summer property maintenance checklist

Spring is flying by! Blink, and it’s gonna be… May! Someone had to say it. Okay but on a more serious note: have you prepped your pre-summer property maintenance checklist? And better yet, have you begun checking it off? No? Never worry. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is here to help! We are going to not only make the list for you, but also offer our services to check it off! So, get out your planner, and come along with us as we prep for Summer on your property!

First Stop: Sweeping

Believe it or not, your sweeping schedule needs to be assessed seasonally. Don’t believe us? Think about how traffic ebbs and flows throughout the months on your property. Even if you have an office building, you may have higher or lower traffic in the summer months. Take a few minutes to check out your parking lot and see if your current sweeping schedule is keeping up with your trash accumulation. You may find a spotless lot and keep your current schedule, or you may discover a need for more sweeps per week. If you have trouble determining where you are on this scale, feel free to call us! We can discuss or even come to your property to help you determine your needs.

Next Stop: Property Cleanliness & Upkeep

Winter leaves behind a lot of unwanted mess. Dirt and debris hide under leaves and snow during the fall and winter months. Rain and gray skies tend to camouflage the mess, but now the sun is bringing it all to light! Atlantic will take care of the dirt with professional pressure washing. Whether it be concrete pads or sidewalks, your parking bumpers or signs, or the exterior of your building, we can remove dirt efficiently and carefully. Your outdoor surfaces will be sparkling in no time. For the larger debris, we offer debris removal and day porter services. We can hand pick those areas that are impossible to reach with a sweeper truck. And our team can haul away large debris that has been discarded on your property.

Final Stop: Asphalt Repair

Potholes love to pop up out of nowhere when the weather turns warm. Ok, it is not really out of nowhere. The natural expansion and contraction of the pavement and the wear of winter weather provide the perfect formula for potholes. Cracks that were small last year may have widened. Tiny potholes now have become hazards. Paint may also be chipping or completely worn away. We have a fix for each of these needs. Give Atlantic a call and our team will get your a free estimate for all of your pavement repairs. We will work quickly to restore your lot to its safe functionality and beautiful appearance.

Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is your partner in property maintenance as you head into summer. Whether preparing for an influx of tourists, maintaining a typical flow of business, or anticipating a slower season, we’ve got you! Let us help you check off your pre-summer property maintenance checklist in D.C. Metro, Virginia, and Maryland!