Summer Heat & Pavement Maintenance

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Summer Heat & Pavement Maintenance

freshly striped asphalt roadway

It is summer in the greater Washington D.C. area and the weather is hot and muggy. If you want to keep your pavement in the best possible shape, there are a few things you must remember. No one likes to address pavement damage, especially during the summer season. However, if you diligently maintain your pavement, it will last for many years of good service. This approach allows you to save money over the long term and avoid unnecessary stress from costly repairs. Don’t wait until the damage has already been done to your pavement.


The most common damage seen in pavement is cracks. These may not appear to be significant, but the reality is that cracks allows water to penetrate deep into your pavement, This can lead to a vicious cycle of freezing and thawing that further damages your pavement. A good maintenance tip is to have any visible cracks sealed every single year, especially given our humid and hot summer weather.

Another enemy of pavement is hydrocarbons-specifically, oil and fuel. Make sure your vehicles aren’t leaking oil, or fuel, and if they do it is imperative that it be cleaned up as soon as possible. Diesel is especially bad as it can corrode asphalt quickly and as such should be dealt with quickly.

A seasonal enemy that escapes most people’s attention is the summer heat. Pavement is pretty rugged and can endure lots of challenges. Heat is insidious because it doesn’t directly damage pavement, but it does make it softer. This softness is what makes damage from other sources much more likely. One strategy to avoid damage is to park in a different place each day, which distributes the weight of vehicles on your paved surface.


Some of the most effective pavement maintenance tips are the most straightforward and simple. Seal cracks on a regular basis to keep water and humidity away. Keep your pavement clean and free from chemicals, oil and fuels. Regularly sealcoat your pavement to keep the surface in good shape and protect it from damage from water, chemicals, UV rays and more. We highly recommend consulting with a pavement professional for further recommendations. At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, we are a full service pavement company with many years of experience, and we can help you with all of your pavement maintenance needs.