Sweep Away the Salt

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Sweep Away the Salt

We will sweep away the salt to return your paved surfaces to new after the snow removal is done!

For some of us the white stuff (snow) is welcome in Winter. While others hide inside and wait until it melts! Whether you like snow or don’t, no one likes the mess snow and snow preparations leave behind. So now that the January snow has melted, what is your plan? We propose you sweep away the salt! Ok, that is a bit simplified. But with our help, it will seem simple. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Before We Sweep Away the Salt

Before we dive in to talking about salt removal, let’s be sure of one thing: you didn’t really wait for the snow to melt did you? Did your shop stay closed for days? Did your employees and bottom line suffer? We promise that is not necessary. If you weathered the last snow storm without a snow removal team, let us help! We can pre-salt, plow, shovel, de-ice, and more! Atlantic Snow Contractors has served the Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro area since 1977; you can be sure our team is experienced and reliable. Call us today; we will provide a quote for snow preparation and removal on your property. When the next storm hits, your property will be ready for business without you lifting a finger – or a shovel!

Simple Sweeping

The leftover salt on the streets is ugly. There – we said it. But it is also a danger to the longevity of your paved surfaces. Salt worms its way into the surface of the asphalt, creating cracks and/or widening existing cracks. It is a long, slow process, but salt can shorten the life of your asphalt. Salt can also cause your painted areas to need re-striping sooner. Salt rubs against the paint, eroding the beautiful finish. Your lines and stenciled areas pay the price. Of course, salt is necessary to deal with the winter weather; but though it is needed, it need not stick around! Simply schedule sweeps right after the snow melts, and Atlantic with sweep away the salt. We have multiple types of sweepers to get the job done!

Small Area Sweeping: Porter Services

Of course you salted your sidewalks! (Or maybe you hired our snow team to handle it for you!) You want to be sure that your sidewalks are ready for customers on those snowy days. But now that it is back to business as usual, the salt has served its purpose. Do not add one more thing to your long to-do list! Let us be the ones to sweep away the salt from your sidewalks. Our porter team can perform this task along with changing trash cans and cleaning windows. We are also prepared to pressure wash and clean up extra dirt and debris the snow was hiding. Do not wait another day to ensure your property exterior is pristine. Call on Atlantic for Porter services today!

Through simple sweeping and porter services, our team at Atlantic sweeping and cleaning will sweep away the salt! Your pavement will be clean and restored to its beauty. With this one simple maintenance task checked off, you extend the life of your pavement. So let us sweep away the salt, and take a load off your mind!