Sweep In The Season

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Sweep In The Season

It is almost November! Like it or not, witches’ brooms will soon give way to Turkey Legs and Santa’s Sleigh! Your parking lots are sure to see extra traffic this holiday season, and we are here to help. As you are preparing the interior of your stores and sale schedules, we will be sweeping the season in. Your parking lot will be prepared and sparkling for all the festivities!

Sweep out Halloween

We covered this briefly when we discussed candy corn and pavement maintenance. But, it bears repeating: you must sweep away that post-Halloween trash accumulation. A fresh, clean start in your parking lot will breed a pleasant space for Holiday patrons. Alternatively, neglecting to add a sweep could cause trash to accumulate in your outer lots and corners. This accumulation welcomes more litter and even dumping from loiterers or shoppers. Protect your lot with an extra sweep this week!

Sweep In Sales

Let’s face it: Black Friday shopping really starts November 1. Shoppers are stalking the perfect decorations, the perfect gifts, and the perfect foods for their freezers. Make sure they have a pristine parking lot where they can feel safe leaving their car while they shop. Before a major sale, schedule a parking lot sweep with Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning. We will do the heavy lifting for you. Our trucks are equipped with the best the sweeping industry has to offer. Our trucks are built for noise reduction and efficient trash and debris removal – even pesky leaves don’t stand a chance again our trucks. Sweep in sales with Atlantic Sweeping before every holiday sale this year!

Sweep Away Leaves

Above, we mentioned those Autumn leaves. Though gorgeous on the trees, they sure are pesky in your parking lot. Depending on the number of trees on your property, you may want to schedule regular leaf sweeping this season. Though they make for a nice aesthetic, leaves can hide harmful debris below the surface. Our crew can help you determine the number of sweeps necessary to be sure this does not happen to you! Protect your patrons and keep your lot free from leaves with leaf sweeping this season.

Sweep Out the Clutter

With any high-traffic season comes additional litter and debris in your parking lot. Black Friday shoppers camp out long before stores open. Patrons utilize extended store hours and head home weary. As people focus on making their lists and checking them twice, trash is the last thing on their minds. Candy wrappers, energy drink cans, and coffee cups (just to name a few) will clutter your parking lot. Sweep out the clutter with Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning. We will help you return your lot to sparkling after each long day and night of sales. Whether a post-Black Friday sweep, or a late-night weekend sweep, we’ve got you covered!

Start this season fresh with a pristine parking lot. And ask our experts to help you predict when you’ll need those extra sweep throughout November and December. Sweep in the season with parking lot sweeping from Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning!