Candy Corn and Pavement Maintenance

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Candy Corn and Pavement Maintenance

At first thought, these two things seem to have nothing to do with each other! A sweet treat and an asphalt surface. Bright orange, yellow, and white compared to plain old black or gray. Something you eat and something you walk on. Yet, there are several reasons candy corn should make you think of your pavement. Let’s explore this Fall treat and the great reminder it gives us this time of year to pay special attention to our pavement maintenance.

Trick-Or-Treat Smell My Sweeps

Candy corn, the quintessential Fall treat brings to mind visions of trick-or-treaters. Trunk-or-treat events and Halloween night itself all leave your pavement littered with candy wrappers galore. In addition to the regular accumulation of litter in your lot, this can become quite the fright! To keep up with clean up, you need extra parking lot sweeps. Luckily, Atlantic sweeping is here to help. If you have yet to schedule an extra sweep for next week, call us today! You do not want to get behind on this essential pavement maintenance service. We can help you schedule sweeps now and help you come up with a holiday sweeping plan. Your sweeping plan will be customized to meet the needs of your property’s schedule and events.

Sweet Anticipation

Candy corn is the sweet anticipation of more to come. True, it’s sweet, but it’s not fully satisfying. Pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies, and more are on the way! Thanksgiving is less than 4 weeks away and Christmas is less than 9 (but who’s counting)?! Is your pavement anticipating the uptick in shoppers and travelers as they prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas? With the holidays on the horizon, your property needs a quick refresh. Are your potholes repaired? How about your striping and stenciling – can customers see where to park? Does your signage need an update? Call Atlantic today to schedule your property refresh in sweet anticipation of the holidays.

Candy Corn and Traffic Control

Come to think of it, candy corn strongly resembles a traffic pylon! Here at Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning, we are passionate about safety. Special events, road closures, and even holiday parades require traffic control. This time of year brings changes to traffic flow on properties everywhere. If your upcoming holiday schedule includes special events or sales (ahem Black Friday), you need traffic control. We will provide the pylons, signage and crew you need to keep safety top priority. Our traffic control crews all have ATSSA Flagger Certifications and are ready to meet all your needs. With Atlantic at the helm of your traffic control, you can put aside your worries related to redirecting traffic during the holiday season.

Wow! Did you have any idea we could learn so much about your property’s seasonal needs from a piece of candy corn? Candy Corn and pavement maintenance really do have quite a bit in common. Schedule those extra sweeps. Anticipate the upcoming holidays with a property refresh. And finally, let us help you with all your traffic control needs. We cannot wait to help you prepare your pavement for the holidays.