What Winter Left Behind

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What Winter Left Behind

A puddle in a city street pothole reflecting buildings, an airplane, and the shadow of the photographer.

Winter is officially over, and though there are still a few chilly days and nights, we are beginning to enjoy spring. Yet, you may be noticing that winter left its mark. Potholes, cracks, and chipped paint are all worse for the wear. Some may even be new due to the rise and fall of temperature. Add to that the effects of the ice and snow events we endured this year, and you have a large mess on your hands. When it comes to pavement, however, you have Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning on your side. We are known for our parking lot and street sweeping, but you may not realize we also specialize in asphalt repair services. Let’s talk about how we can take care of what winter left behind!

Potholes Galore

People tend to hibernate during winter (it’s cold, we don’t blame you!). Because of this, some property managers are surprised by the number of potholes that appear in the spring. If you have not assessed your pavement lately, take a thorough walk of the grounds. Where you saw a small divot before, you may see a pothole now. Potholes form over time, and they will only increase in size. They cause damage to vehicles and are a nuisance in your parking lot. We can repair them efficiently and help your traffic flow return to normal. The infrared repair method we use provides quick results that last and leave fewer freeze-thaw issues in the future.

Cracking Up

Your pavement is cracking up… but not at a joke! Ok, that may be too corny, but we hope it sticks with you! Cracks in the pavement seem small, harmless, and maybe even normal. What you may not realize is that the water that seeps into these cracks deteriorates the asphalt. When we repair your pavement cracks, the lifespan of your pavement increases by up to 7 years! Small cracks are a big deal, so don’t ignore them one more day.

Chipping Paint

The lines and markings in your lot looked a lot fresher before the first leaves fell last fall. What happened? The arrows in your drive lanes look halfway gone. The handicapped spaces are hardly visible. Some cars are beginning to park far too close together because they cannot see the lines. Winter weather wears on pavement striping and markings. The snow, ice, salt, and plow trucks all play their role in chipping away at your paint. It’s time for a refresh! Most parking lots will not require a full re-striping each spring. However, it is wise to look for places that may need a refresh. We will have your striping working well for you and your customers in no time.

Springtime is all about a fresh appearance; when it comes to pavement, don’t let the lack of bright colors fool you. It is possible for your pavement to look fresh and welcoming. You just have to be rid of the drab results of winter! Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today to help you take care of what winter left behind.