Cherry Blossoms and Parking Lot Striping

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Cherry Blossoms and Parking Lot Striping

Freshly painted white arrow on a parking lot

That’s right, this weekend was the first day of Spring! More birds are chirping, cherry blossoms are popping, and parking lot striping is here! Wait. That last one didn’t feel very Spring-like to you? To us at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning parking lot striping is one of the first signs of warmer weather. Paint dries faster when the sun is shining, and those worn out parking lots are ready for a refresh. Cherry Blossoms and Parking Lot Striping: that’s what Spring means to us! Let us show you why.

Freshen Up!

During winter months your tenants expect things to be a little dreary-looking. Heck, those gray clouds may even camouflage the cracked paint in your lot. Now that the sun is shining, however, people are ready for a refreshing new look everywhere they go. Newly striped pavement welcomes customers into your parking lot and business. Your parking lot is no exception. Let us make your parking lot look exceptional with fresh striping and stenciling.

Appearances Are Not Everything!

The appearance of your lot is important simply for the aesthetic appeal to customers. However, appearances are not the only reason to freshen up your parking lot striping and stenciling. You need to think about the safety of your parking lot. Worn lines and markings are not serving their intended purpose. Cars cannot park within lines they cannot see. Arrows cannot direct traffic if they are now nearly invisible. Pedestrian crossings do not serve to help people safely cross if they are not clearly marked. Be sure your striping and markings are fresh to serve the safety of your tenants and their customers.

Update Your Markings!

If you are going to re-stripe your parking lot, now is the time to asses your current pavement markings. Let us tell you about the latest available markings to make traffic flow best in your lot. Are your lines spaced properly, or could new spacing allow more cars to park? The last time you re-striped your parking lot, compact cars were not as common. Be sure to include smaller marked spaces for those compact cars to park. Electric vehicles are also gaining in popularity, and you may want to consider adding charging stations. If so, you would want to mark those spaces properly as well.

Current Standards Are Important!

Is your lot up to date with ADA standards? People of all abilities should be able to park in your lot conveniently. If you do not currently have enough spaces marked for those with a physical disability, we can help you remedy that. It is our job to know current ADA standards and inform you of them. Don’t feel like you have to be an expert. Instead turn to the experts.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is here to help you navigate parking lot striping this Spring! Now is the perfect time to give us a call to get on our schedule for a quote and service. Don’t delay! Call (703) 684-1095 or use our contact form today!