Winter Special Event Sweeps

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Winter Special Event Sweeps

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You have a regular sweeping schedule for your property; that is great! With this schedule in place nothing should catch you off guard now… right? What’s that? A minor holiday or celebration in the winter months? No big deal for your property, right? Not so, actually. Those holidays and cultural celebrations send people back to the stores and restaurants in droves. Ask any retailer: they are having a sale or special gathering that will increase traffic to your lot. Winter special event sweeps are necessary to keep your property in shape! Think about Super Bowl parties, Valentine’s Day dinners, President’s Day Sales, and St. Patrick’s Day gatherings. How will these events affect your paved surfaces? Let’s explore the possibilities:

Super Bowl Sweep

Last minute shoppers will be looking for wings and chips at the last minute. Your pavement needs to be clean and your sidewalks pristine. We will schedule a sweep or porter service a day or two before the big game. Restaurants will be full on the day of the game; schedule an extra sweep that night to take care of the extra debris that builds up as customers leave. What’s that? You just looked at your calendar and realized Valentine’s Day is the day after the Super Bowl this year? No worries.

Let Us Sweep You Off Your Feet, Valentine!

Quick turnaround, anyone? With just a few hours between the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, how will you woo the lovebirds into your establishment? Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning has you covered. While you rest easy, we will sweep your pavement and empty your trash cans. When we are done, the Super Bowl will seem like it was months ago; your property will be ready to welcome in an adoring crowd.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Less than one week after Valentine’s Day, President’s Day sales will beckon shoppers to fulfill their spring fever wishes. If you have any type of retail center in your care, you need to schedule sweeps before and after this major shopping weekend. Let us help you determine exactly when these sweeps will best serve your property.

Oh, The Madness!

You have a sports bar in your shopping center or outparcel? Make sure you take into account two upcoming and ongoing sporting events: The Olympic Winter Games and March Madness. Your traffic is sure to increase for the consecutive months of February and March; instead of scheduling individual special sweeps, your best move may be to add to your weekly sweeping schedule until things slow down a bit. Speaking of March Madness, did you know the first round of the NCAA tournament coincides with St. Patrick’s Day this year? Make sure we are on your lot to sweep up after St. Patty’s day celebrations have come to an end (and left your pavement a little worse for the wear). This will keep your pavement fresh and inviting, customers pouring in, and your tenants happy!

No Sweeping Challenge Is Too Big!

“The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph,” said George Washington. It’s a great quote for you to live by this winter, which certainly does bring calendar conflicts to property managers! If you manage a property in the Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. area, you need to be working with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning to strategize your parking lot sweeping through all these retail challenges. We will help you identify when the best time is to schedule extra sweeps in your lot. With our team on your side, no challenge is too big and your triumph will be great!