3 Reasons to Get Parking Lot Sweeping In VA

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3 Reasons to Get Parking Lot Sweeping In VA

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Commercial Property Owners Have a Lot of Reasons to Book Parking Lot Sweeping In Virginia. Here Are Three of the Best.

1. Parking Lot Sweeping in VA Keeps Lots Safe

Lot sweeping is an often-overlooked measure any property owner can take to improve safety on the premises. Branches and leaves fall from Northern Virginia’s many trees all year, with especially heavy drops in the fall and winter storm seasons. These can create major safety hazards, since branches are easy to trip over and can puncture tires on occasion. Carpets of leaves are also dangerous. Not only does a thick blanket of fallen leaves block water runoff, but piles of wet leaves are a slipping hazard, which can put customers in a bad spot when they’re carrying loads of boxes out of your store and maybe not looking.

Clearing obstructions like these is the first thing a lot sweeping crew does. The larger branches have to be moved by hand, of course, but the sweeper can handle the smaller twigs and leaves. Preventing accidents in your parking lot goes beyond branches and leaves; a good pressure washing can also draw up and flush away the grease and oily residue some cars drop in your parking lot, which also reduces the risk of a slip-and-fall accident.

2. It Improves a Property’s Appeal to Customers

A thorough lot sweeping does more than improve the safety of the space; it also improves its looks. Customers like to shop in places where they feel the business takes hygiene seriously, and while few real people would choose to patronize a business on the grounds that it has one of the cleanest lots in town, the freshly scrubbed exterior lot can have a noticeable impact on how a space “feels” to casual customers. A parking lot sweeping in VA is also often combined with a thorough pressure washing of the exterior of the building, amplifying this effect.

3. Parking Lot Sweeping in VA is Often Step One of a Process

Additional features, such as exterior pressure washing, are often added to the parking lot sweeping in VA. Other actions include collecting loose shopping carts, responsibly disposing of debris and obstructions, such as a pile of litter someone dumped, and stenciling in fresh lines on the ground. Giving your lot a good going-over with a sweeper helps make the process go faster and helps ensure you’re getting full value from your appointment.

There are a lot of reasons to book parking lot sweeping in VA, and these are just a few. For more information, or to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation over the phone, call Atlantic S&C today. Our friendly staff of trained reps and consultants is on standby to answer your questions about the sweeping process and to book an appointment to come out and clean things up a bit for you. Whether you just need a quick pass to clear out those leaves or you’re thinking of a bigger job that ends with fresh stencils in your lot, Atlantic S&C has everything that you need for parking lot sweeping in VA.