3 Reasons to Look Up When You’re Ordering Street Sweeping in Virginia

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3 Reasons to Look Up When You’re Ordering Street Sweeping in Virginia

When you invest in street sweeping in Virginia, it’s likely because you want your business to look great and be safe for your customers. Sweeping away dirt and debris from the streets, sidewalks and parking lots in front of your business is one way to accomplish this, but the professionals at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning remind you to look up as well as down when appraising your business or residence for cleaning needs. Here are three other details you might want to attend to besides pavement.

1. Do Siding or Exterior Walls Need a Bath?

Exterior walls are a large surface that can attract a great deal of dirt. From mildew and mold to just layers of caked-on dust, the gunk that builds up on your walls or siding isn’t attractive to consumers. It can also contribute to health hazards for customers and employees, especially if mold has started to take root or exterior wall growth has attracted pests. Luckily, if the wall or siding is in good condition, the buildup can often be swept away in a safe, efficient manner with pressure washing.

2. How Much Can You See Through the Windows?

Windows let light into your business, which can help you set a brighter and more pleasing tone inside. They also let customers get a glimpse of your goods or services from the outside, which can tempt them to come in and spend money. If your windows are covered in dirt or streaks, less light comes in, and both the inside and outside of your business can appear dingy. Dirt also keeps customers from lingering to look in your windows. Pressure washing can also be an option to clean windows around your structure, even if they’re on the second story.

3. What’s the State of the Gutters?

Finally, you might want to take time to have a professional check the status of your gutters. Backed-up gutters aren’t just unattractive; they can also contribute to leaks in the roof. Gutters are supposed to cause water to flow from the roof to a safe disposal place, and if your gutters are backed up, you risk overflowing water that might drench clients in walkways. A wet client is not a satisfied customer.

For more information about how you can create a lovely, safe exterior for your business, check out the cleaning and street sweeping in Virginia services we provide.