Provider of Commercial Sweeping Services in Virginia Says: Looks Do Matter

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Provider of Commercial Sweeping Services in Virginia Says: Looks Do Matter

While people might not judge a book by its cover, a dingy building rarely gets the same lenient treatment. Setting aside obvious historical landmarks, a dirty or discolored building is less likely to inspire the trust of consumers. Shoppers and clients might enjoy a facade with personality, but most also value clean and safe surroundings, and using comprehensive commercial sweeping services in Virginia is one way to achieve that.

At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, our services go beyond simple street sweeping (which is one way to keep the area around your business safe and pleasant). Here’s a look at some other services that help your place of business look more appealing to clients.

Pressure and Power Washing

Pressure and power washing is the Phillips screwdriver in our toolbox. That is to say: it’s a simple solution that comes in handy in numerous situations. One of the best things about high-power pressure washing is that it can clean away years of grime, dust, debris and even mildew without the need for harmful chemicals. We can pressure wash sidewalks, drives and parking lots to remove stains and seasonal debris from pavement, but we’ll also turn the hoses on awnings, dumpster areas, loading docks and building facades. The results are a newer looking area, almost like magic.

Snow Removal

Our snow removal services help you keep the walkways in front of your business safer for clients. We can remove heavy snow from sidewalks or help you clear away piles left by city or town plows. The result is a clear path to your business and a lack of day-old gray snow that isn’t inviting to anyone.

Junk Removal

Whether a special event left you with loads of trash that won’t fit in your business garbage cans, or someone dumped their junk illegally on your property, garbage at the curb or front door certainly doesn’t entice clients. It’s ugly, for one, and makes it look like you simply don’t care about your reputation. It could also smell, and if food is involved, lingering junk and garbage could encourage pests to nest nearby. Even nonfood junk can be dangerous; leaving dumped metal or old appliances in a publicly accessible location on your property could increase the chances of an injury (and your own liability, for that matter). Luckily for you, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning provides scheduled pickups to clear away unwanted junk.

Line Striping

Keeping your business looking good for the consumer is about more than clearing away junk and grime—especially in parking lots. Well-defined lines ensure customers understand the flow of traffic in the parking lot and ensure cars end up in the right spots, reducing the chance of both fender benders and bickering clients. Fresh striping also improves the professional appearance of your business.

Working with street sweeping services in VA to maintain your entire building exterior helps attract clients. It also makes your property safer for both customers and employees.