“Ahh, Summertime Construction!”

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“Ahh, Summertime Construction!”

Backhoe and bulldozer moving earth at an excavation site

Summer is officially settling in, and though much of our air is a little hazy this year, Summer is still delightful! Fresh air, blooming plants, vacation time, and outdoor activities all bring a little  magic to the season. Yet, a not-so-magical feature of summer looms: construction. You, as a property manager, may have been waiting for this season to begin that long-awaited project. But construction projects can mean a big headache for your tenants, their patrons, and even you! Let us help you with regular construction sweeping. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning will  keep your property clean during construction. Instead of thinking “Agh! Summertime construction!” when they see the mess, your patrons will think “Ahh, summertime construction” as they see the improvements you are making.

Sweep Up the Hazards

If your parking lot is hazardous during the construction period, a “Pardon Our Mess” sign only goes so far. Rusty nails, piles of dirt, or other construction debris can be hazardous to patrons on your property. Hazards lead to complaints, lack of business, or worse, lawsuits. Our vehicles are equipped with not only brooms, but also magnets. They collect nails and other sharp, metallic objects and remove the hazards from your property. Do not leave the safety of your tenants and patrons to chance. Keep your lot hazard-free with regular construction sweeping through Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning.

Sweep Up the Pollution

Construction projects need to meet a lot of regulations. And rightly so. The construction process can release contaminants into the surrounding environment. No one wants the area around new construction to degrade and pollute the earth, including you! An easy way to satisfy Clean Water Act regulations and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)? Hire a Construction Sweeping company, such as Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning. Easy as that! Through our services, we ensure that your property & surrounding area does not become polluted from the construction process. We sweep up the pollution, allowing you and the environment around you to breathe easy. “Ahh, summertime construction!”

Sweep Up the Eyesores

Last, but not least, you need to consider the appearance of a construction project. Dirt and debris will eventually drive away patrons, no matter how patient they are. No one wants to pass by, or worse, drive through a giant construction mess on their way to their favorite establishment. After all, a dinner out with the family should not be accompanied by muddy tires and shoes!  That new construction in the outparcel should  breed excitement for what’s to come, rather than disdain for the mess. With Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning on your team, you can sweep away the eyesores before they drive away patrons.

A Construction Sweeping Plan

You can have the best intentions, but without a plan the hazards, pollution, and eyesores will remain. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning will assist you in making a plan that will keep everything in order. And the best part? We implement the plan from start to finish. Do not wait another day before contacting Atlantic to plan your construction sweeping in D.C. Metro, Maryland & Virginia! Then, you can kick back with a lemonade and relax. “Ahh, summertime construction!”