How to Save on Parking Lot Care and Maintenance

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How to Save on Parking Lot Care and Maintenance

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You Need Parking Lot Care and Maintenance

Your parking lot can contribute much to your business. For example, it provides a place for your employees as well as your customers to park, thus making their experience with your business that much more pleasant. Similarly, it is part of the landscape that determines your business’s curb appeal, which can play a surprisingly significant role in attracting your customers.

However, your parking lot needs regular care and maintenance if it is to remain useful. This is because its paved surfaces experience constant wear and tear, thus causing them to deteriorate. You could just ignore the problem, but it is important to note that ignoring your parking lot leads to even higher costs in the form of parking lot repair and replacement.

How Can You Save on Parking Lot Care and Maintenance?

Instead, you should try to save on parking lot care and maintenance by using these simple tips:

  • If you notice something wrong with your parking lot, you should not hesitate to schedule care and maintenance as soon as possible since existing damage can speed up the rate of deterioration. For example, if your parking lot has cracks, water can seep into its paved surfaces through those cracks to cause further damage. Even worse, that water can freeze in winter, which will cause the cracks to spread because ice occupies more space than its liquid form. As a result, if you hesitate, you run the risk of letting your eventual bill climb higher and higher.
  • Parking lot lines and markings can be used to direct traffic, thus ensuring more efficient and effective use of a parking space’s limited space. However, it is interesting to note that parking lot lines and markings can also be used to direct traffic away from damaged locations, thus slowing down the rate at which they deteriorate. Although this will not suffice in the long run, it can buy precious time for you to implement other solutions that will suffice.
  • Always make sure that your parking lot has a sealcoat that will protect it from exposure to the elements, which can eat into the unprotected material with frightening speed. For example, something as commonplace as sunlight can cause damage to asphalt because UV radiation speeds up the rate at which it oxidizes, thus striping it of its power to hold its constituent parts together. In other words, the easiest way to protect your parking lot is to cover it with a protective sealcoat so that it will never come into contact with the elements.
  • You should clean your parking lot on a regular basis to remove loose debris as well as potential contaminants. This is important because traffic can grind loose debris into the paved surfaces, thus causing damage through physical force. Similarly, some contaminants can cause damage to the sealcoat as well as the underlying material, meaning that you will have to pay for parking lot repair and replacement sooner rather than later.

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