April Showers Brings Power Washing for Apartment Towers

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April Showers Brings Power Washing for Apartment Towers

Winter weather in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. wreaks havoc on all the usually pristine building exteriors, right down to the driveway and parking lot. If any corners or crevices of the walls, walkways, stairs, pavement, or parking lot are neglected, you will notice a remarkable difference from the dirty to the power washed areas.

Bring back your building’s clean and inviting appearance by driving that built-up seasonal dirt, grime and dust with a power washing treatment. The more detailed the job, the better. Power washing is the ideal spring cleaning initiative because it rids the building’s exterior of harmful elements, like salt, graffiti and exhaust dust and refreshes the look of the exterior at a time when more of the public is out on foot to appreciate it.

What Are the Benefits of Power Washing?

  • Grinds down the toughest accumulated grime and dirt with the gentleness of water and eco-friendly soap
  • The process can clean an entire four-story building in a day
  • Leaves everything looking clean and fresh and brings back new paint jobs
  • Prevents long term damage from contaminants eating through the exterior materials
  • Washes away oils from the surface of walkways, stairs and parking lots to make them less slippery during light rainfall
  • Scrubs away all algae and moss from sidewalks and walkways—these buildups can also pose a slipping hazard when wet
  • Can be safely used on almost any constructed surface or material (including siding, stone, concrete, brick, pavement and dumpsters)
  • Prepares a surface for a new coat of paint
  • Almost completely rids a surface of harmful graffiti
  • Flushes surfaces of auto-emitted substances
  • Cleans grime and residue from air pollution

Power Washing for Future Sales

From the curb, a perfectly pressure washed building in spring just looks healthier! That’s going to increase your resale value significantly when it comes to selling the building. One mistake that many building owners make is to power wash less than once per year and then proceeding with a last-ditch power wash right before they put the building up on the market. By doing this, the build up of annual dirt, grime, oil and graffiti builds up year after year—eroding the surface the whole itme—and the end result is never as clean as a building that gets power washed each spring. Meet each vernal equinox with a thorough building scrub down and you’ll never experience this problem yourself because your building will meet potential buyers with the best first impression possible.

Professional Power Washing

Hire contractors to power wash your property, but before you do we have some advice from a professional’s point of view. Some contractors will quote you a small price over the phone but then surprise you with extra costs after the job is done. Others do not have the experience or the work ethic to do a thorough job. Power washing uses immense water pressure that could be very dangerous if used incorrectly. Call only professionals who can offer recent referrals and a full quote over the phone. Settle for nothing less!

At Atlantic Sweeping, we use tested and proven environmentally-friendly cleaning fluids for the health of your tenants and the environment.