The Importance of Parking Lot Upkeep

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The Importance of Parking Lot Upkeep

Spring isn’t just the time for cleaning and getting rid of the old, it is also a time to inspect the pavement and sidewalks that surround your business. Over the harsh Virginia and Maryland winter, the ground may have frozen and thawed many times, leaving the asphalt weaker and more prone to damage from changes in the weather. Now that the air temperature is 50° F or higher most of the time, it is a good time to inspect your parking lot for signs of needed repair.

Inspecting your Pavement

Over time, pavement can break down, whether from continued freezing/thawing or because of use or ground degradation. When inspecting the pavement, look for obvious cracks and pot holes that need to be filled or sealed. Also check any drains and retention or catch basins. These need to be cleaned out at least once a year. Take stock of any areas that pool water, as they will break down before level surfaces. In addition, areas that do not drain will result in lowering life expectancy of your parking lot. There should be a one inch drop per every ten feet of pavement in order to facilitate proper drainage.

Major Repairs and Resurfacing

There will be a point in the life of your concrete or asphalt when it will need to be resurfaced or reconstructed. If the base of the asphalt is in stable condition, you may just need to resurface the lot. This is the installation of a new layer of asphalt on top of what is already there. If there is an extensive amount of damage or “alligator cracks”, than it may be better to reconstruct the lot. Such fatigue cracking often results from water entering smaller cracks and getting underneath the asphalt.

Avoid the Need for Major Repairs

In order to avoid spending thousands of dollars on extensive repair, keep your pavement in good shape by performing regular maintenance and cleanings. Seal coating the pavement will keep oil, antifreeze and pollution from adhering to the surface. Periodic pressure washing will also help to keep the asphalt clean and free from staining. Fix pot holes before they become too big to fill easily, and sweep regularly. Finally, seal cracks to prevent moisture from seeping into the already weakened pavement.

If you care for your parking lot or pavement through regular maintenance and cleanings you are not just saving money, you are showing customers that you value your business.

Headline: The Importance of Parking Lot Upkeep

Subheadline: Now that spring has a firm grasp on the area it is time to inspect your pavement for potential problems. Keeping your parking area maintained and aesthetically appealing will save you money and attract new customers.