Prevent Asphalt Deterioration

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Prevent Asphalt Deterioration

Freshly sealed and striped parking lot

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is a professional power street sweeping and pavement maintenance company. We understand the importance of maintaining asphalt surfaces. While asphalt concrete is a durable and inexpensive material, it is not immune to deterioration. Over time, asphalt can develop chips and cracks, which can be unsightly and impair the function of paved surfaces. As such, it is important to understand the causes behind asphalt deterioration to combat it effectively.

About Asphalt

Asphalt pavement (or asphalt concrete) is made of mineral particulates bound together using asphalt, a viscous substance that is a byproduct of petroleum refining. Water is one of the most common causes of asphalt deterioration. Water can seep past the surface and cause oxidation, making the asphalt more brittle and prone to cracking. UV radiation from sunlight can also cause oxidation, exacerbating the problem. Changes in temperature can cause the asphalt to expand and contract, leading to chips and cracks. Chemicals such as gasoline can soften and weaken the asphalt, causing it to lose its strength.

How We Can Help

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning offers various services to extend the useful lifespan of asphalt. For instance, our parking lot sweeping services can remove debris and contaminants that cause damage, while maintenance services include crack filling, patching and applying the seal coating that repels contaminants. By doing so, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning can help prevent the deterioration of asphalt and keep paved surfaces looking and functioning their best.Once your asphalt is repaired and seal coated, we can also apply fresh line striping and navigation markings to make your pavement look new again!

To learn more about how Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning’s parking lot cleaning services can help maintain asphalt surfaces, please contact us today.