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Atlantic Sweeping to the Rescue

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Clear Winter Clutter from Your Parking Lots and Parking Garages

As winter comes to a close, it leaves behind layers of clutter hidden beneath ice and snow. Clutter often includes empty food containers and wrappers, cigarette butts and good old fashioned dirt and sand. Since cities often select sand to keep motorists from sliding off icy and snowy streets, sand is one of the most pervasive winter remnants left in the street and in parking lots and garages.

Parking Lot Hazards of Winter Remnants

Sand clings to cars as it gets tossed behind wheels. Vehicles continue to accrue it as they drive, and where do they normally dump it? That’s right, your parking lot. Drivers get out and start kicking away at the large lumps that have built up behind the wheels. We’ve all seen it done, and have perhaps done so ourselves. This is great from them, but not so much for the hard working parking lot owner who is left to deal with mounds of dirt and sand left from the melting monsters. Not only is this confluence of winter sludge unsightly, but it is also dangerous. In warmer temperatures the sand becomes a slip and fall hazard, and parking lot and garage owners can end up being held responsible for injuries obtained in an untidy lot.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Services to the Rescue

So the problem is understood, but removing this winter leftover can be a real chore. Additionally, parking lines may have worn off as well, compounding the problem. Instead of heading out with a bucket brigade for hours of sweeping, stooping, bending, lifting, and carrying, let Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning take the pain and torture of cleaning lots and parking garages.

Services offered include:

  • Sweeping- With a fleet of vehicles, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning has just the right truck to sweep your lot or garage. Atlantic offers regular sweeping to keep lots and garages in top condition.
  • Pressure washing- Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning will wash away that winter build up. If graffiti is an issue, Atlantic can remove that too, along with grease and other stubborn parking lot grime.
  • Line striping- An ongoing problem is the toll that weather and wear take on parking lot and garage lines, fading them into obscurity and robbing parking lot and garage owners of potential income. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning can stripe or re-stripe to ensure all the spaces are clearly defined.
  • Junk removal- It may not be fair, but it happens; someone decides that the parking lot on the corner is the perfect place to dump that old couch. Sadly people often dump their trash in parking lots that may have free space. What is a parking lot owner to do? Call Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning of course! Atlantic will haul off that unwanted trash and leave your lot clean and clear of debris.
  • Parking lot cleaning- To keep your parking lots and parking garages clean, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning offers regular care to ensure your parking lots are safe, clean and welcoming.