Atlantic S&C Offers Full-Service Cleanup for Your Storefront

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Atlantic S&C Offers Full-Service Cleanup for Your Storefront

If your business is open to the public, you already know how important it is to present a clean, inviting front that draws in customers. You probably sweep the aisles and organize the merchandise into orderly displays, but are you doing your best to keep the exterior of your building in shape for the summer crowds? By booking porter services from Atlantic S&C, you can effortlessly give your store’s facade a full-service sprucing up just in time for the warm weather to bring foot traffic to your door.

Litter Removal Creates a Safe and Inviting Space

Nobody wants to step over litter to get into a store, and nothing could be more unsightly than piles of discarded trash blocking the way for customers. It’s also potentially unsafe to leave litter scattered around your premises. Atlantic S&C helps you deal with this hazard by sweeping up all the loose trash near your door and in the spaces near your building. Our team of friendly professionals walks the grounds of your property and collects every scrap of litter, from strips of wrapping paper to the occasional illegally dumped kitchen sink, to clear obstructions and vastly improve the atmosphere near your front door.

Spot Cleaning Gets Graffiti and Grime

No matter how clean you try to keep your shop, it is inevitable that some grime and dirt will accumulate in a few hard-to-reach spots on your facade. Atlantic S&C’s well-trained crews use a powerful pressure washer to scrub these troublesome spots with hot water and environmentally responsible detergent. If your store has a single spot of graffiti where customers can see it, we can scrub it away. We make the place look far friendlier and inviting for families and upscale customers who might otherwise avoid a store that’s been tagged with gang signs or spray-painted with obscenities.

Landscape Care for Your Plants

Our services go beyond cleaning and well into providing your customers with a friendly looking storefront they’ll be glad to visit. We’re happy to gather up your loose shopping carts from the lot and return them to the designated spaces near your front door. We can wash your all-important window panes with cleaning agents that leave a brilliant, streak-free finish. We can even water the plants in your landscape to help keep the grass and shrubbery green and healthy.

Keeping a clean and attractive storefront is half the battle for retailers who thrive on foot traffic. Dirt, grime, graffiti, litter and badly neglected landscaping can all send the wrong message to potential customers and reduce traffic. Even a few loose shopping carts in the parking lot can suggest a business doesn’t care about the small things that customers appreciate.

Atlantic S&C can be your full-service partner in maintaining the look of your business. Click or call to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable service professionals today. Our staff is happy to hear about your unique requirements and to work with you to set up the services you need. We help you get the place in shape for when the warm weather brings a wave of new customers who will be pleased to see your clean, safe, and above all, busy retail store.