Spring Cleaning Targets Illegal Dumping in DC

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Spring Cleaning Targets Illegal Dumping in DC

Illegal dumping is the target of a neighborhood cleanup and enforcement action in the District of Columbia this spring, and residents are warned to keep their lots clean. The initiative, spearheaded by the DC Department of Public Works, runs through late spring and seeks to catch illegal dumpers and the property owners who allow garbage to sit on their land. Violators may be fined in proportion to the severity of the offense.

Types of Trash Being Targeted

The Department is looking for waste in hundreds of alleys located in and around the area’s floodplain. The concern is to clear away trash that can block drainage routes and create flood hazards. Random household trash, yard waste and improperly disposed-of construction material can block alleyways and impair water flow and foot traffic alike, the Department warns.

Larger items, such as nonoperational and illegally parked automobiles, will be cited, authorities warn, and both businesses and area residents who own the land may be cited if the trash is left uncleared. Under District laws, you may be held responsible for illegal dumping on your property, even if you didn’t deposit the trash yourself.

Before the Sweep

One thing you can do to get ready for the spring enforcement is to check your land out to the recognized property line and clear away small obstructions and piles of debris. For larger middens, and for the pickup-truck-sized loads that illegal dumpers can leave in a single visit, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning offers a quick, affordable service to clear away the trash and get the land back into compliance before an enforcement officer leaves a ticket.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, the DC/Northern Virginia area’s leading trash disposal and pressure washing provider, can make arrangements to come to your location and clean up exterior areas that need attention. We have a friendly, knowledgeable staff of customer service agents who can consult over the phone and help our residential and commercial customers determine the services they need. Our professional crew then arrives with the necessary equipment to remove the waste before it becomes an expensive legal problem for you, and they can even finish up with a powerful pressure washing of the parking lot, alley asphalt or other hard surface to completely restore an area marred by illegal dumping.

Handling Illegal Dumping Before the Authorities Visit

If you or your business own property in the DC Metro Area, especially in one of the region’s thousand-odd flood-prone locations, your land is likely to get a visit from the District’s Public Works authority. Even if the trash on your land was dropped by an inconsiderate visitor, you may be held accountable under the law. Save yourself the trouble of paying fines or cleanup costs incurred by the government by calling Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning for a free consultation. With just a little foresight, and a no-obligation conversation about how best to keep your land clean and safe, you can avoid potentially thousands of dollars in fines and court costs. Call or email today, and enjoy a safe summer on clean, uncluttered land.