Back to School Bonus Sweeps

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Back to School Bonus Sweeps

student wearing jeans carrying a black backpack standing on sidewalk

Backpacks, pencils, calendars, school uniforms, lunch boxes… you’re working hard to meet the back to school needs of your family. On the professional end of things, are you seeking to meet your property’s back-to-school needs? There could be many of these as back-to-school shopping ensues and traffic shifts with new schedules. However, today we will focus on the the need for back to school bonus sweeps. That’s right: BONUS sweeps. Rather than thinking of these as “extra” (ie: one more thing on your to-do list), think of them as a bonus. They are a sort-of “pick-me-up” to keep your property operating smoothly through this busy season.

Bonus Weekday Sweeps

Only you know for sure, but your parking lots are likely to become busier when school begins again in your area! Buses and school carpools are a piece of the traffic; parents who are returning to their regular commute after summer vacation are another factor! When considering bonus weekday sweeps, think about your proximity to local schools. Will your parking lot be a hot spot for parents and students to grab their morning meal or coffee? If so, you may want to add in a bonus sweep several weekdays in the early morning hours. We will prep your lot so your tenants can welcome their customers with sparkling clean pavement!

Bonus Mid-Day Portering

Morning commutes are one thing. Mid-day lunch rushes are another and require a different type of back to school bonus! Depending on your location, lunch breaks may become busier as the school year gets started. Busy lunches lead to full trash cans at midday and a restaurant crew unable to keep up! Keep your tenants happy: schedule bonus mid-day day portering for their lots. Similar to sweeping, but more discreet, our day porter services free your lot, side walks, and trash cans from trash. Our crew will hand-pick litter and change out trash bags; your tenants will be ready to provide service for the rest of their business days!

Bonus Personalized Sweeps

Maybe you manage the parking lots for your school district. Or your job is to make sure your municipality streets near the local university are swept clean. Possibly, your store provides school supplies or uniforms and you expect an influx of customers in the next few weeks. Each of these scenarios presents an opportunity for bonus personalized sweeps for your pavement. In order to maintain a pristine parking lot, you must increase sweeping as business increases. However, we understand that the surge in business is temporary. No need to change that regular sweeping schedule! Back to school bonus sweeps are the perfect solution.

Contact our team at Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning today to discuss YOUR personalized options for bonus sweeps. Our crews are responsive, professional, and efficient. No need to worry about the upcoming uptick in traffic; whether morning commutes, mid-day lunch rushes, or other personalized needs of your property, we have a bonus sweep for that! Call us today to service all your properties in the Virginia, Maryland, DC Metro area!