Defining A Great Parking Lot Sweeping Service Experience

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Defining A Great Parking Lot Sweeping Service Experience

Parking Lot sweeping in Virginia

The best quality sweeping service will always include more than just a quick physical sweeping followed by a hasty brush off. A true professional parking lot sweeping service provider will always take the following steps:

  1. Meet face to face on site with a client to assess the initial condition of the property to be serviced.
  2. Make specific service recommendations at precise intervals.
  3. Set up a reporting system that includes recommendations for additional service needs over the life of the paved surface.

An effective parking lot sweeping service will contribute to a much better overall property maintenance program. The presence of an efficient property maintenance plan can help prevent serious damage and greatly extend the service life of your parking lot.

Sweeping Services Should Provide The Following:

As indicated above, a successful parking lot cleaning relationship involves an adequate sweeping schedule and an effective inspection and reporting system. This will help create a program that facilitates keeping your parking lot clean and attractive. Let the sweeping expert pros at Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning keep you informed with regular inspections and reports. We can:

  • Assess the current condition of paved surfaces and evaluate the need for resurfacing or re-sealing by identifying the formation of cracks, potholes, weak areas, or other structural problems.
  • Check the condition of other structures such as parking lot bollards, posts, bumpers, speed humps, drain grates, drainage channels, gutters, barriers, retaining walls and the like and recommend maintenance or repair.
  • Observe any deterioration of lot stripes, markings and numbers, and recommend repainting/re-striping when appropriate.
  • Assess damage to or deterioration of signs and make recommendations to replace or repair them.
  • Observe non functioning or damaged lighting and recommend repair.
  • Identify vandalism and develop a plan to remediate the area.

More Than Just A Clean Sweep

At Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning we don’t believe in cutting corners…we believe in sweeping them clean!  Our trained sweeping professionals can not only sweep, but can also facilitate cleanup.

Keep in mind that sweeping is just one part of a successful parking lot maintenance plan. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning not only provides industry leading parking lot sweeping services, but you can also rely on us to provide a large range of other related services. Call or Click today!