Ecologically Friendly Commercial Maintenance

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Ecologically Friendly Commercial Maintenance

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Why do Eco-Friendly methods matter? The environment and the use of non-toxic methods & products is a hot topic. As environmental concern continually grows, there will be more property managers and business owners seeking out products, services and solutions that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to maintain the appearance of their lots, facilities, and buildings. Nowadays there are many effective options for more environmentally sensitive property maintenance.

A Non-Toxic Environment 

The most successful property owners & managers know that a cleaner facility is a safer facility. Ideally providing a healthier environment for both employees and clients. There are many ways to ensure that your spaces are as environmentally friendly as possible, but not all commercial solutions are created equal.

For commercial building owners and managers who are sensitive to the complete needs of their space, selecting a “green” solution when it comes to maintaining their environment might makes sense for a multitude of reasons.

Green-What Does It Mean?

The use of EPA-approved products and processes that are classified as “green” sends a message to your employees and clients about your commitment to the environment. The use of organic and non-toxic materials helps avoid allergy-related problems workers and visitors might otherwise experience.

It is likely your facility’s occupants will experience fewer eye, skin and respiratory irritations. Green cleaning processes and products have also been shown to meaningfully reduce the chances of contracting cancer, experiencing reproductive problems or neurological disorders.

Our Commitment

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning has been, and remains, committed to providing commercial maintenance, sweeping, and porter services to our Baltimore Washington D.C. metro area clients. We pledge to continue our services with steadfast attention to quality, value, safety, accountability and environmental sensitivity. Atlantic Sweeping continually maintains a commitment to the best practices for optimum environmental sensibility and sustainability. Pro-Sweep maintains adherence to all relevant regulatory agency mandates to help keep our community clean and thriving.

Let our professional maintenance services help keep your facilities CLEANER & GREENER. Contact Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning today!