For the Love of Sweeping

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For the Love of Sweeping

Heart drawn onto a fogged up window

We are entering the month of love. Heart-Shaped Candy, stuffed bears, and Valentine’s cards fill the aisles of every store, ready for that special someone you love. But we think you need to show a little love to your pavement. For the love of sweeping, let’s take some time to explore sweeping benefits for your parking lot and beyond.

For the Love of Sweeping, Establish a Schedule

When was the last time you walked your parking lot with a trash picker in hand ready to clean up for the night? Never? So if you aren’t keeping your parking lot clean on a regular basis, who is? No sweeping schedule = a guessing game. You wait until you see piles of trash as you walk to your car each night. You call in a panic the next morning, hoping for an available sweeping company to come to your rescue. Wrappers, paper cups, masks, and more pile up, giving patrons and unwelcoming welcome as they step out of their vehicles.

A sweeping company like Atlantic can often come when you call; however, a regular sweeping schedule keeps your lot from overflowing with trash. Picture this instead: It is Monday night and you are walking to your car after locking up the store after a long, busy day in the store. You see a few pieces of trash in the corners of your parking lot. Then, you see headlights and hear a soft hum. The Atlantic Sweeping truck is here to remove that debris. You go home and rest easy glad you established a sweeping schedule.

For the Love of Sweeping, Think Big

With that sweeping schedule established, it is time to talk about a couple variables. Hopefully it goes without saying that large items will not be swept up into a sweeper truck. Our trucks will free your lot of all typical trash. But what do you do about items people dump on your lot? Behind your building, do you regularly find mattresses, large boxes, or pallets? ASC crews are happy to remove these for you. As part of your regular sweeping schedule, we can take a picture of large junk and remove it immediately. We will share the picture with you, and that will be the only time you even see the obnoxious item on your property. So, think big when it comes to the cleanliness of your property. Include junk removal in your sweeping contract with Atlantic.

…And, Think Small

Visible trash is annoying to you and your patrons. But did you know you need sweeping even when you cannot SEE large accumulations of trash? Sweeping helps to remove chemicals and pollutants from the pavement before they have a chance to reach storm drains. Sweeping is a big part of any property’s environmental control plan. “All drains lead to the ocean” as Nemo says. So make sure your drains are only full of pure, clean storm water. Call Atlantic. We will help you determine a schedule that will work to remove harmful pollutants before they reach the drain.

Well, there you have it. From big to small, we are thinking of everything to help you love your parking lot well this year. Take advantage of Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning as your partners for parking lot care. Your properties in D.C. Metro, Virginia, and Maryland will love you for it.