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Freshen Up!

entrance to a parking garage

January is almost over. Have you freshened up your home? Cleaned out your closet? Established a new work routine? We applaud your efforts to keep those New Year’s Resolutions! Have you attended to the needs of your parking lots lately? Do not forget to freshen up that property! Here are a few ways to establish fresh, new, routines for your parking lots in 2023!

Freshen Up Your Potholes

Ok, maybe do a little more than freshen them up! After the holidays, it is totally normal to be focused on the in-office tasks that keep you tied to your desk. However, it is important to take a walk around your property (or get in touch with your tenants) to check for new potholes. Colder weather leads to quicker pothole formation, and potholes may have popped up seemingly overnight! Rather than stare in shock at the gaping pavement in front of you, call Atlantic! We will repair your pothole efficiently as soon as weather allows. Our infrared pothole repair provides:

  • Fewer freeze-thaw issues
  • Longer-lasting repairs
  • Virtually no bubbling
  • A Cost-effective solution

You will be amazed at this seamless repair. Your asphalt will look so fresh, it will be almost as if the pothole were never there!

Freshen Up Your Paint

No, we are not talking about the accent wall in your bedroom you have been wanting to DIY for the last year. We are talking parking lot paint, otherwise known as line striping! A fresh coat of paint at home might be nice, but in your parking lot, it is vital to the health of your business. Properly marked parking spaces provide both safety and an attractive appeal, assuring potential patrons of the business’s vitality. When considering line striping, remember that the ASC‘s Maintenance Division provides:

  • Parking Lot/Parking Garage Line Striping
  • Stenciling
  • Building Painting
  • Curb Painting
  • Directional Markings

Your parking lot with have fresh paint in no time, resulting in happier tenants and greater safety for patrons using your lot.

Freshen Up Your Sweeping

Our sweeping trucks are the freshest on the market. Yet, if you have not established a sweeping plan with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, you are missing out! Our team will works 24/7, 365 days a year to meet the demands of your individual pavement sweeping needs. If there are noise ordinances in your area, we will send the proper equipment at the proper time to complete the job. We offer a wide range of sweeping services as well, so think beyond your retail parking lots! Utilize a sweeping plan with Atlantic for:

Freshen Up your properties in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas with a refreshed sweeping schedule for the New Year.

This list is far from exhaustive, but hopefully it gets your wheels turning in the right direction. If you feel stumped and would like us to take over from here, just contact us today and we will start the process of bidding and scheduling your 2023 parking lot refresh! Freshen up those parking lots – it is easier than ever with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning!